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World Bank’s Advice: Increase High-Value Added Services for IT BPO

The BPO industry should develop the services they provide.

Read more at Manila Bulletin | January 15, 2016
BPO workers (MB Photo by Mark Balmores)

According to Manila Bulletin, the World Bank encourages the IT-BPO industry in the Philippines to shift to providing a larger high-value and non-voice services in order to promote the country’s BPO sustainability due to the fact that the global market for complex services grows.

For the last decade, thhe IT- BPO industry has been the driver for economic growth and job creation. Its share of the global onshore services market went from five percent in 2006 to 11 percent in 2013.

In order to maintain the growth rate, the World Bank suggested that efforts among businesses and government must create improvements such as enhancing telecommunications infrastructure and directing industry government partnerships toward more non-voice training skills development.

For now, the Philippines is still the top destination for IT- BPO firms since we have an excellent group of educated talents. The competitive labor cost and the support from our government is also a factor that helped us reach the top. However, any company that is doing well on their fundamental expertise maintains their growing pace by not only branching out but extending their brand and adding more services than the ones they usually offer.

It’s fine to say that it is already enough that the BPO industry in the Philippines brought multiple jobs to the country. One justification that shows a country’s development is the availability of jobs for its citizens. Equally important, improving this business sector of our company will not only create more jobs in the future but add a significant number to the country’s GDP.


The Philippines main product in the call center industry is its people, and their communication skills and attitude towards work. There is natural value of care, hospitality and enthusiasm which are main ingredients for a successful customer service work.

Their neutral accent and attentiveness, their exposure to the western culture and their motivation to work hard for family makes the Philippines a really good spot for call centers, because we have competent and competitive manpower, especially for English Speaking inbound customer support or outbound lead generation projects. There is no doubt that the country has already mastered this but it has yet to develop its proficiency in high-paying outsourcing services such as software development, transcription and engineering process outsourcing.

With time, every industry revolutionizes with new concepts, services, products and purpose. Take gadgets for example, new products such phablets, tablets, and laptop that can turn into tablets are now new merchandises in the world. Same with business process outsourcing, inbound and outbound telemarketing, outsourcing and customer services are what they provide for they have the talent pool for it and the country is behind with technological advancement but hopefully the industry will get there.

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