Candy, Costumes, and Calls: Working on Halloween

Halloween is one of the highlights of a call center’s year. Sometimes, it’s more fun than Christmas. It’s that one time in the year when people go absolutely nuts on their costumes. But that doesn’t stop them from taking calls!

It was the first that I have ever experienced the American holiday in the Philippines. Yes, I know that it’s weird that an Asian country bound by tight religious beliefs celebrate an American Holiday. But when you talk to Americans all day and the air conditioning is close to freezing, you’d really feel like you’re in a different part of the world.

For several years, I’ve become jaded and never really cared much about holidays or parties. I’d rather read a good book and stay at home. Halloween was a different case last year. Our company decided to hand out actual money to whoever had the best costume and the best decoration in their areas. Take note, this was not spare change of merely hundreds. We were talking about THOUSANDS. It’s roughly the equivalent of half a month’s pay. It’s safe to say that I had the holiday spirit by then. (No, we did not win)

Personally, I think it’s some sort of compensation for the agents to have something to look forward to since it’s practically IMPOSSIBLE to get a day off on Halloween. Instead of getting to spend time with the family, agents are still working but in costumes, of course.

photo from CSI
photo from CSI

One of the best parts of working in a call center is the sheer effort people put into decorating their areas. They’d spend days decorating even sacrificing their sleep over it. The costumes are also over-the-top. It’s insane. Call center agents really get into it.

If it’s also your first time working on Halloween, don’t be too sad about it. Most often, companies throw big parties not only for the agents but their kids as well. Candy is always present, too.

So if you’ve ever wondered what it’s like be a call center agent working on Halloween? It’s trying to get your wig out of your face as you type on your computer with your gloved hands. You also try to cover the mouthpiece as your coworkers burst out in spontaneous laughing next to you or over the next cubicle.

Yes, it’s quite fun.

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