Would you work in a call center?

Philippines is now the call center capital of the world. Along with the growth of BPO companies especially call center companies in the country, employment rate also increased. Also, there is now an increasing number of youth applying for call center jobs. May it be a working student, an on-leave or an AWOL student now prefers to find part-time jobs in call centers rather than in restaurants and offices. But is working in a BPO the best deal a hardworking young individual can get? Let’s weigh the options.

Better pay vs. Many sleepless nights

Students work in call centers to pass the time and earn money to help in their matriculation while some just need that extra cash for a planned leisure trip. Call center companies accept these kind of applicants because of their constant need to replenish the workforce due to the high attrition rate. For an entry-level job, call centers really do pay well. Top agents also receive cash rewards and gift cards every month.

However, sleep will always be an issue when working in a call center. Personally, I have known so many call center agents who also go to school during the day. It is stressful and it requires a strict schedule to follow. Sometimes, it is also because of lack of sleep that an agent cannot perform well at work and at school but it would not mean that no one can do both and excel at both endeavors. Moreover, call center supervisors are very aware of these kind of situations and are have developed a system designed for students. They can create a schedule that works best for the students and can prioritize their requests.


Work experience vs. work pressure

A call center work experience can be very useful to the resume. Employers appreciate any relevant work experience because it shows a hard-working attitude and determination especially if you stayed with your former company for more than 6 months. Working in a call center can really give you a lot of insights and learnings.

To earn a credible work experience, pressure at work is inevitable. Team leaders are sometimes very competitive in maintaining high stats in order to be recognized within the company. Once training starts, every trainee should learn what is needed to be learned. After training, being deployed to your different teams can be very nerve-racking. But like all other tasks, practice makes perfect.

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Making friends and connections vs. vices

graph_people_connectionMaking a career in the BPO industry should not be taken lightly. Many of my trainers and team leaders during the time I was working in a call center, tell me that getting a promotion is easy as long as the agent’s performance is constantly reliable and unquestionable. With this kind of attitude, you can build your own network of friends and connections.

However, making friends can also mean being peer pressure into a lot of things. I don’t understand why a lot of people generalize call center agents as drinkers and smokers. Perhaps, it is true because it is a common way to take away the stress and pressure inside the office. But if you really think about it, other working individuals in other professions also do the same. Even doctors, lawyers, marketing staff, security guards, mall personnel and etc. can be drinkers and smokers. It’s just a question of lifestyle. But yes, working in a call center can expose you to these vices.

Regular work schedule vs. Night shift

Morning-PersonThere will always be morning persons and zombies. Morning persons love to wake up early in the morning and get to work while zombies are those who work at night and sleep at day. These so-called “zombies” are call center agents and others who also work in the night-shift. Most people would prefer to work in the regular hours like normal individuals while some enjoy being able to go out in the night where there is less traffic and no more scorching heat of the sun.

Now that it’s summer season here in the tropics, everyone would wish to work at night because of the uncomfortable hot weather everywhere. Sometimes even an air-conditioned room cannot compete with the heat. But working in the night shift also has disadvantages like lack of sleep.

Were you convinced to work in a call center? Or for you, it wouldn’t be on the list of choices ever?

As for me, I have worked in a call center and I didn’t enjoy it. Maybe because I’m not much of a hard worker. I like being normal and working the normal hours. But that’s just me. I know a lot of people – students who study a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree, moms and dads, pregnant women and single breadwinners – who earned so much success working in call centers.

The BPO industry holds a lot of promise to every Filipino so for every fresh graduates or those who are looking for a career change, you can always try to be a call center agents and evaluate for yourself. Every hard work is well compensated. Every job is respectable as long as you do it for service and passion and not to cheat and steal to other people.

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