Women in the workplace

Women in the BPO Workplace

Traditionally, the workplace is not for ladies. But the last century women have constantly proven this wrong. Now they are taking the BPO industry by storm.

In the two top leading countries of the BPO Industry, females are dominating in numbers. India are breaking their norm of having women stay at home. One out of three BPO employee is a woman according to NASSOM India. This is a step closer to equality and diversity for India.

According to the National Statistics Office in the Philippines, there are more women than men in the country’s BPO industry. 54.9% of all call center personnel in the Philippines are female.

Women-only Call Center

Photo from
Photo from TCS established the first all-women Business Process Services (BPS) center in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia in 2013. Read more.

Saudi Arabia, a country well-known for having a different set of rights for different genders, has taken a step closer to gender rights in one of their call centers. Tata Consultancy Services has setup a contact center in Riyadh where they employ only females. Not only is it limited to agents but even their janitors and support staff are female. There is a total of 1,000 people employed at the site.  At the top of this is well-known equal rights promoter Amal Fatani. She is positive that they will reach 3,000 employees in the coming years.

It is also noteworthy that although women are more in number, men tend to take the higher roles in the company. This should not be the case. In fact, having ladies in the workplace is actually proven to be good for a company. According to index provider MSCI, companies who have females on their boards has 36% better return on equity. Another study by Credit Suisse said that organizations with females on their board do 5% better on the stock market than those with only men.

Equality is strong in the BPO industry and will most likely to be keep on getting stronger in the coming years.





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