The telemarketing business

Why consider telemarketing for your small business?

What is telemarketing?

Telemarketing is the promotion of products or services via telephone calls to probable customers. It can be categorized as inbound or outbound. Inbound telemarketing is when a customer contacts the call center to get more information about a product he/she have seen while outbound telemarketing is calling previous or present customers in order to advertise another product or service. Sometimes, outbound telemarketers also call probable customers from a telephone directory. Though both have different processes, telemarketing as a direct marketing method is utilized to improve sales and promote your product or service.

Why is it an effective marketing strategy?

First of all, starting your small business means you barely have the income to avail large promotional mediums like the television, billboards or events. According to, this strategy saves time and money contrary to personal selling and experts have assessed that it costs less than one-fifth than it would cost to send a salesperson. Though it is more expensive than direct mail and can give you immediate results in terms of successful marketing campaigns.

It also creates bond with your customers and it could give details in regards with questions that customers might ask. It is one of the marketing methods that gives instant feedback. Additionally, with the telephone you can expand your sales territory, contacting several customers, both existing and new ones and sell your products with more hours thus increasing estimated sales. Customer service as a part of this strategy can also maintain the growing number of your customers.

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