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Verizon closes several call centers by 2017

Verizon’s call centers in Bangor, Rancho Cordova, Henrietta, Wallingford, Meriden and Lincoln will be closing in 2017. An estimated 3,200 agents will be affected by this change.

This is part of the company’s nationwide consolidation of its customer service operations. The company will open more seats at other locations, encouraging agents from the affected call centers to transfer to these.

Verizon is offering a $500 stipend for travel costs and $10,000 in relocation assistance for the transferring agents. For those who do not wish to relocate will be offered an individualized separation package.

“Our hope is that everyone will stay with us and stay with the business. Certainly, employees will make choices and if they chose to stay locally we’ve hired an outplacement firm to work with them on that next step in their career,” Verizon Public Relations Manager Michael Murphy told NEWS CENTER on Tuesday.

Verizon also plans to cut and combine jobs for their retail stores since there is a decline in their revenue for their wireless business.

According to, In its second-quarter results, Verizon reported a 2.4 percent decline in revenues for its wireline business, and a 5.3 percent decline overall.

For a big and competitive company such as Verizon, every little percentage makes a big difference.

“Verizon is in a very competitive business,” said George T. Conboy of Brighton Securities. “You have AT&T and Verizon trying to beat each other’s brains out. You have consumers relentlessly pressing for better deals. Increasingly in the cell phone and Internet business, even fractions of a percent are important.”


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