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Trump and his take on outsourcing

Trump, one of the US presidential candidates, is one of the most talked about personalities all over the world right now. One of the most recent and most controversial statements from Trump is his take on outsourcing and the slight inconsistencies.

In a report by, Hillary Clinton is out with a new TV ad focused on Donald Trump’s business record and his use of outsourcing. Clinton is his rival for the presidential post.

The ad begins with a clip of Trump being asked by David Letterman where his clothing line was made.

“I don’t know where they were made. They were made someplace, but they’re great,” Trump says.

“He knows where they’re made,” text on the screen says.

The video then flips back to close-ups of the shirts. And it is announced they were made in Bangladesh.

“That’s good. We employ people in Bangladesh. They have to work, too,” Trump says.

“He outsourced jobs to 12 countries,” the following on-screen text reads.

Letterman holds up ties and says they were made in China.

Trump shrugs.

“Make America Great Again?” the text on-screen finishes.

The ad goes on air in America and is gaining so much attention.

According to Trump’s book, “Time to Get Tough,” he is “…sick of always reading about outsourcing. Why aren’t we talking about ‘on-shoring’? We need to bring manufacturing jobs back home where they belong.”

In his speeches and statements, Trump castigates American companies like Apple, Ford, Carrier and Kraft that use their brands to sell goods in the U.S., but produce them in other countries. Indeed, he appears to be so outraged by the practice that he proposes a 15 percent tax on companies for outsourcing jobs and a 20 percent tax for importing goods. More recently, he has spoken of a 45 percent tariff on Chinese imports.

Yet, according to Robert Lawrence, a columnist from, audience should start to dig deeper into what trump actually does especially with his own company. puts forward his trade policy proposals to get really tough with China and furthermore, reveals his actual trade practices.

Clinton’s ad directly criticizes Trump’s inconsistency.

Outsourcing is a big deal in America. Americans consider this as one of the main issues that those running for office need to address. Circulating reports around the world say that many American jobs are lost because of outsourcing. While it boosts the economy of ‘weaker’ nations, America suffer bit by bit.

Clinton’s ad could be a black propaganda and Trump enjoys the publicity yet everything remains to be seen. The essence of that one vote is still on America’s hands.


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