Telstra lay-off

Telstra’s lay-off means PH jobs

Telstra’s office in Perth shuts down giving favor to outsourcing. The company says that outsourcing will result to Bathrust and PH jobs.

The telecommunications company is shedding off 326 jobs, including 109 roles in Melbourne and 94 from Perth.

“We have talked to our people about a proposal to make changes to our Contact Centre and Telstra Business teams that will see a total of 326 roles impacted nationally. It impacts roles across our sales, service and national office teams,”

~Telstra spokesperson

The Communication Workers Union (CWU) said it condemned Telstra’s move that results to cutting of more than 300 jobs. The lay-off gives favor to offshore workers hence, outsourcing to the Philippines and Bathurst. CWU says that the lay-off is the effect of a restructure within the company’s sales and technical support roles.

Moreover, the Community and Public Sector Union (CPSU) believes that the company still has some confusion over the specific details of the lay-off.

According to Teresa Davidson, CPSU spokesperson, “I don’t think there’s a lot of co-ordination inside Telstra, and no one knows how the different units work with each other,”

A Telstra spokesman, on the other hand, said the streamlining of back-office functions and the resultant job cuts were a reflection of how customers were interacting with the telco. “With 50 per cent of our customers engaging with us online, some functions are increasingly no longer required,” he said. “You no longer need to ring a call centre to pay your bill or check how much data you have already used.”

Past reports from the company’s chief executive, Andrew Penn, said that they were struggling to reach its NPS target that would make staff bonus incentive suffer in result.

“For employees in our network services business unit (NSBU), it is a similar situation, with the April result down two points from March to -6,”

~ Mr. Andrew Penn, Telstra’s Chief Executive

“It is also therefore likely that all of us eligible for the Telstra or NSBU short-term incentive or annual bonus schemes will not receive the NPS-based component of our plans.”

Outsourcing to the Philippines will mainly go to “industry partners” in Teletech Lipa and Teletech Cebu.

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