SuperReceptionist: Low-cost call center solution

Knowlarity Communications recently launched SuperReceptionist. It’s the company’s newest cost efficient call center solution especially targeted for SME (small to medium sized entrepreneurs).

The company is estimating that using this technology, SMEs will cut up to 20% of its expenditure compared to using traditional PBX systems.

“We’re the first of its kind in cloud communications, as we offer solutions to help SMEs benefit the technology without the hassle of an expensive office PBX system. In turn, SMEs can also make the most of this solution by featuring it on their business cards. Our flagship product – SuperReceptionist is a better alternative, offered at almost 1/5th the cost of the traditional office PBX” – Ambarish Gupta, Founder and CEO of Knowlarity .

SuperReceptionist’s features

Knowlarity claims that SuperReceptionist can handle of at least 2 million calls. It can also cater to 30-seat inbound call center set-up. Below are some of the features of the solution:

1. Web Interface

Companies can access all of the features in one easy, user-friendly and secure web-based application. No need to switch between programs for an easier management style.

2. Blacklisting

Companies have the option of screening their calls so that they can reach the right target audience.

3. Multiple Language Message

Companies can personalize their caller message and greet their customers in different languages according to their locations through the IVR.

4. Mobile App

Managers can manage their team and micro-manage their statistics through their mobile apps anytime and anywhere.

5. Programmable Extensions

Companies can program the software’s extension to allow SMS alerts, upload a sound file and enable voicemail to a particular extension in IVR.

6. Unified Management

A company can easily do management tasks in a single interface. These tasks include: add or delete forwarding numbers, modify settings, access logs and recordings and more.

7. Custom On-hold Music

On-hold music can be changed into any audio a company wants. This can be an opportunity to be enhance the customer’s experience

8.Location (Telco) Based Routing

A feature that can route calls to agents based on their location. An incoming call coming from a specific location can be routed to an Agent that can speak the language of that area.

9. SMS Acknowledgement

The program can send SMS to customers after every call.

10. Quick Dial+

Leads from local search engines like Justdial can be called through the program’s contact list. Agents will be notified via SMS on new leads. There is also an option for two-way calls. One for the agent and another for the prospect.

With this cloud-based solution, Knowlarity aims to provide top-notched technology to SMEs in their daily operations at an accessible price.

Knowlarity currently caters to several companies in various countries including Africa, Dubai, Singapore, Philippines and Turkey. They have around 12,000s SMEs and 400-500 larger companies under their care.


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