Summer Activities for BPO Employees

All year-round BPO employees are not excused from having a hectic schedule at work. From call center agents to executives, each unit has its fair share in stresses at work that is why everyone is always looking forward to the summer season. Summer represents fun and relaxation to most of the busy BPO employees. Numerous activities within this season are always expected to happen. Summer activities like beach trips, road trips, team building or just by even staying at home with loved ones while enjoying the summer sunshine always gives excitement to the hard working souls of BPO players.

Of course, there are a lot of summer activities to choose from especially that Philippine archipelago has been blessed with amazing places from beaches, parks, city skylights to cool mountains. However, you do not have to stress yourself because we have rounded a few ways on how to unwind whether you prefer indoor activities or outdoor activities.

  1. Walk in the Park

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In the Philippines, call center companies are usually located in the heart of the metropolis that offers a breathtaking view of the buildings and other infrastructures however these places also have parks where you can enjoy the view of lush trees and gardens. Taking a 30-minute stroll through the park after your work shift can change your mind into a state of relaxation. Walking through green spaces like parks or even small green backyard can significantly help put the brain into a state of meditation. By enjoying the park with a crisp summer air can instantly elevate your mood by lowering stress and depression at work as well as improving your well-being.

  1. Go on a Day Trip
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Call center employees tend to buy materials things like gadgets and latest fashion clothes to remedy stresses at work. Though it is proven that having material stuff you like can instantly make you happy however it may be wiser to invest in experiences like road trips and traveling over material objects since happy experiences tend to last longer and it also feeds our soul. Cornell University psychology professor Thomas Gilovich found that when we buy new things, we are only excited about them for a short amount of time because we adapt to their novelty so quickly. Alternatively, he argues that experiences represent our true identities better than our personal items do. So next time you are tempted to buy that new apple watch, consider a relaxing river kayak or if you’re feeling adventurous, or perhaps an exhilarating zip lining instead.

  1. Take a Dip in the Beach
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When it comes to beaches and islands, Philippines obviously is a country that is blessed with perfect powdery-white sands beaches, turquoise-colored waters, and lagoons. So it is necessary for the BPO employees to at least take advantage during the summer season to go to the nearest beach in their area. If you are able to go to the beach, there are benefits associated with sand and waves. The beach environment, in general, was found to make people happier than an urban environment. Many people find waves to be a calming rhythmic sound, and they’re even believed to be able to induce a meditative state, according to research conducted by Philippe Goldin, a Stanford University neuroscientist. A trip to the beach can have many health benefits for your body as well, including the way sand exfoliates your feet.

  1. Meditation
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Meditation in the Philippines is not a common activity at present however people are starting to notice this type of activity and its healthy effect mentally especially people who want to dig deeper into the meaning of life and wants to achieve another level of happiness. BPO employees are no exceptions to those people who are enticed to join meditation retreats to at least get away from the stresses and depressions at work. With a few numbers of meditation retreats located in the metropolis, BPO employees can enjoy this type of activity as well in the summer season without traveling for a long distance however if you can afford have a vacation leave for days then it is advisable to have a one-week meditation retreat to really enjoy the benefits of it. Alternatively, if you do not have the time and budget for a retreat, you may simply find a quiet spot outdoors surrounded by greens and try a guided meditation for yourself.

  1. Yoga
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Compared to meditation, yoga is somehow a common stress-reliever for the BPO employees. There are a lot of yoga studios in the city or even the BPO companies itself offers all types of yoga practices. Call center agents are amongst one of the many customers in this type of activity. Yoga can be an effective stress reliever, and you can make your practice even more relaxing during the summer by moving outside. Bring your mat to a park on a quiet morning and practice these stress-busting yoga moves, or find a local “Yoga in the Park” class.

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