Startup necessity: Outsourcing

Growing a business from zero might be the most challenging venture any entrepreneur goes through. No wonder not all startups succeed. A startup business is said to have a short launch pad yet has high expectations. It’s the perfect type of business that needs outsourcing to aid the workload.

Outsourcing, despite its downsides, has so much benefits that can help start-up entrepreneurs.

Some experienced entrepreneurs learned it the hard way. Now, they shared their thoughts on the most valuable subject most starting businesses are dared to ask: In what area/s should we outsource?

According to an article in Businesscollective, here are the following:

  1. Payroll

Adam Calinan from Beachwood Ventures says, “If you think for a second that thumbing through timecards or sifting through computer records in order to complete your payroll is a good use of your time, you have far too much extra time on your hands! There are hundreds of solid and inexpensive payroll companies out there that will make your life considerably simpler. Simple is good, so use your new-found time on marketing strategy.”

  1. Appointment Set-up

Patrick Conley from Automation Heroes says, “We use a software company called TimeTrade to handle nearly 100 percent of appointment scheduling. Prospects and customers can use a specific page to set up an appointment that works with their schedule, and it cross-checks the time to make sure that the person requested on our team is available. If all checks out, it handles the communication both ways and ties into our CRM to record the appointment internally.”

  1. Bookkeeping

Sarah Schupp from UniversityParent says, “”When we were first getting started, one of the most helpful contractors we found was a bookkeeper. She stopped by once a week and handled all of our payables & receivables. This was a huge time-saver and worth every penny. ”

  1. CFO Services

David Ehrenberg from Early Growth Financial Services says, “In addition to outsourcing your day-to-day transaction accounting, it also makes sense to hire an outsourced CFO to help with the bigger financial picture. Doing so will afford you the kind of strategic financial guidance you need to build a successful company. An outsourced CFO can help with financial plans, budgeting, forecasting, fundraising, pricing, cash burn analysis, M&A and so much more. ”

  1. Digitized Tasks

Liam Martin from says, “We run a completely remote company. We have employees in nine different countries, and we wouldn’t run our company any other way. If something can be digitized, then you should find the best person in the world to do it — not just the best person in your local area. With that in mind, any daily recurring tasks that don’t require your input are the best places to start.”

  1. Accounting

Michael HSU from DeepSky says, “”CEOs need to focus on the first and best use of their time and delegate or postpone everything else. Too many CEOs think that it’s cheaper for them to “pick up” the seemingly easy task of accounting when, in reality, time and money are wasted in several areas. There are simply too many chances for things to go wrong. As a result, efforts yield very little return. ”

  1. System Operations

Jim Belosic from Pancakes Laboratories/ShortStack says, “If you hire a company to handle SYOPS, you’ll get a team that’s on 24/7 and prohibitively expensive for most startups. Technically, we could cancel our data center and hire three people to handle it, but it would be much more costly. Why reinvent the wheel? Use your resources to focus on your product, and outsource what you realistically can. ”

  1. Receptionists

Sean Kelly from SnackNation says, “With smartphones and an inexpensive call-forwarding service, entrepreneurs can completely bypass the expenditure of having a full-time receptionist.”

  1. Public Relations

Tom Cannon from Mid Florida Golf Cars says, “Outsourcing PR is a no-brainer for me. There’s no way I could set aside 20 hours a month to focus on telling our story to reporters. Plus, I don’t have any contacts in the media industry.”

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