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Social Life: Not for call center agents?

Most call center agents working on a graveyard shift find it hard to maintain their social life. With conflicting work schedule with others, the chances of going out with their family or friends are compromised.

For some, being a call center agent is indeed difficult especially if you are new to the industry. There are times that you would fail to attend important events. But as you will be used with the new lifestyle, you would eventually learn how to adapt.

Yes, you’ll miss few nights together with family or friends. But it doesn’t mean that you’ll miss those occasions every time. Keep in mind that you need to balance work. And so, here are some tips that can guide you.

Tips on maintaining social life while working

  • Manage your schedule well

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When everything seems so fast and you feel out of place with things going on with your family and friends, don’t worry. It’s just a matter of time management. Start learning on how you can manage your schedule well to somehow cope with them. Like for example, you can plan a dinner with friends before going to your night shift. Through this, you can do your personal activities while socializing at the same time.

  • Know what to prioritize

Since you are already aware that it is not that easy having a limited time, you should learn to choose. Know what to prioritize. Is this group of people more important to you? Or the other? Know the more important people you want to see regularly and continue making plans with them. Also keep in mind those activities that can help you better to achieve a healthy social life.

  • Maximize your day offs

You can maximize your day off by spending it with people you love. This is another means of spending your rest days which are usually spent alone inside the room. Remember that having some bonding moments with people who are special to you is also a therapeutic way of refreshing yourself after a long stressful week of work.

  • Use social media

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Social media of course is very common to everyone. You can take advantage of it every time it’s hard to keep in touch with people physically. There are a lot of ways you can choose. Not just chat but also video calls to stay connected.  More importantly, using social media is quick and practical way of staying in touch.

  • Seek out others with similar lifestyle

Good thing is that you can be with people who have similar lifestyle as you have. Your friends who are also having a hard time adjusting with their schedule working in a call center are one of the best people you can hang out with. Having bonding moments with them is a good way of maintaining social life despite busy schedule. Moreover, they know your situation that allows more flexibility and understanding.

  • Take time for yourself

Lastly, you need to take time for yourself since it’s hard to socialize with others if you’re stressed. Like what they say, you first have to be connected with yourself if you want to connect with other people. So learn to rest and relax.

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If you’re a call center agent or not but also have the same situation, keep in mind that having a social life is still possible. You should not sacrifice your time to be with family or friends. You can always achieve something you want as long as you put enough effort for it.

And so, don’t think that social life is not for call center agents. It’s just a matter of managing your time, knowing what to prioritize and maximizing other possible resources and options. Remember that having a healthy social life will contribute to a healthier life.


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