9 Tips To Avoid Feeling Sleepless At Work

9 Tips to avoid feeling sleepless at work – Yes, this happens to us all. Our eyes get heavy, we begin to nod off, then startle awake, seemingly, just in the nick of time. While this is common, it can be costly, and can be avoided. We’re going to ensure you have the the right tips for how to avoid sleeping at work.


I’m sure you’ve heard this before, but we’ll say it again, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. By sticking to healthy food during breakfast, you can expect a more alert mind and body throughout the entire day.

Take note that what you need is not just energy, but energy that lasts for a long time. For this reason you must eat a meal that’s a combination of carbohydrates and protein. You see, while carbohydrates build up energy, protein gives you endurance.


No, it’s not the position of the sun in the afternoon. Neither is it the absence of the moon. Yes, afternoons may bring with them that lulling warmth but that heavy meal you wolfed down at lunchtime is all to blame for your drowsiness.

Now it makes perfect sense why skipping breakfast is a capital sin. Not only do you miss stocking up on energy-boosting food at the beginning of the day, you also tend to make up by eating a lot in the afternoon. Beware because not only is this a perfect recipe for that lulling sensation after lunch, you also get a big bonus: more calories that could likely become body fats.

Get out those carrot sticks and fruit shakes. The best way to keep lunch light is to snack on veggies and fruits throughout the day.


Apparently when they say water is life, they also mean consciousness and being awake. Well, in the workplace, dozing off could be the end of your career or your life so it does make sense, right? So flush that drowsy feeling with a good dose of fluids.

If you find it tedious to drink several glasses of water in a day, try squeezing lemon, orange or any fresh fruit on your drinking water. That extra zest from the fruit should give your throat that thirsty sensation, making you drink more than your usual amount throughout the day.


Take it from Maria. If the hills are alive with the sound of music, surely, you’ll be more alive and, well, awake with a radio by your side or earphones buzzing in your ears. But before you get too excited about creating your own playlist, check first with your Human Resources department or safety coordinator if you’re allowed to listen to music while working.

If listening to music is not taboo at your workplace, you should prefer upbeat music or songs over mellow ones for obvious reasons.


Going outside might help you fight the urge to sleep. Don’t just plant yourself in your workstation or stay cooped inside a warehouse or confined space all day. Get out and get some fresh air. This should stimulate better blood circulation, making you feel more awake and even healthier.

While you’re at it, go for a walk outside. By stimulating some of your muscles, you send more nutrients to different parts of your body.


If fresh air doesn’t combat sleepiness, you might actually need fresher breath. Yes, you read that right. By treating yourself to gum, mints, or hard candy, you can ward off sleep. The same thing could happen if you gargle with mouthwash.

Avoid sugary candies. Remember that you’re after mint and not sugar.


Be wary of snacks sold from vending machines. Most of them have high sugar content. While you think a sugar rush can keep you awake, its effect usually lasts for only half an hour. So instead chomp on snacks with both complex carbohydrates and protein.

Some great examples of the ideal snack include whole wheat bread with low-fat cheese and whole grain cereals with yogurt.


If mint in your mouth or a nutritious snack in your stomach just doesn’t do the trick, then maybe caffeine will. So go for a shot of espresso or a glass of chilled mocha. Whether it’s hot or cold, a generous serving of coffee should be able to keep you from dozing off on the job.

Go easy on the caffeine, though. You don’t want to get hyperactive, nor do you want to be dependent on caffeine to stay awake everyday on the job.


If you think you can get away with having only two hours of sleep, think again. While a lot of the tricks above might work well with you, the most effective trick is still the most practical and basic: get enough sleep every night.

A good night’s sleep that lasts for seven to 10 hours is recommended for adults to stay alert during the day.





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