Saving for call center retirement

Saving for one’s call center retirement is easier said than done. Ideally, call center professionals are a 100 percent able to put up a savings account and start saving for the better future but it happens so rarely.

The BPO industry being one of the biggest industries in the country providing jobs for millions of Filipinos offers a relatively greater paycheck than most other jobs. Latest statistics say that the turnover rate at a BPO has decreased to 0.53% according to a survey by the Philippine Statistics Authority. Despite this, it is still deemed as an unstable working environment. A kind of instability that requires BPO employees to really consider saving up for a secondary career or for an investment. It is important to think about this because most 30-year-old call center agents neglect this due to the common BPO lifestyle.

It is at this point of one’s career, fund becomes an issue. Saving becomes either an enjoyed choice or a fretful neglected one.


It doesn’t need to be for retirement. It can be a vacation fund or an investment fund. Nevertheless, the point is to lessen monthly spending and deposit some money in the bank.

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Apply for a separate bank account. It is important to start by separating your paycheck account and your savings account. This allows you to see clearly how much you already have saved and also monitor your progress through the months.

Start with a comfortable amount to put away. Miggy Castaneda in a Manila Bulletin article says, “Start with an amount you feel comfortable putting away every month. You can increase the amount as you get more comfortable with shaving off an amount of your paycheck”

Starting small means that you have taken the first step to save for your call center retirement.

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Double your savings. In the same article, Castaneda shares to the readers that doing research in order to decide how you can double your savings is also a good idea. Or simply, you can start stashing away a greater amount for savings and enjoy what you have sowed in your retirement.

Be thrifty. This might be the last item but definitely not the least. Being thrifty doesn’t mean not enjoying your every paycheck. Instead, it is important to know your set your priorities and spend on them wisely. Cut the irrelevant Starbucks, taxi and salon spending and save more of your paycheck.

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