Juan Paolo Araneta

A Filipino BPO in the international scene

Propel Inc. is a Filipino BPO that started in 1996 with only 50 employees. It has now expanded to 280 employees in their Mandaluyong Office, acquiring K&A Global Management Company in 2013 and an office in India, too.

The company is 100 percent Filipino-owned business solution provider that now serves local and international companies in the areas of finance and accounting, tax services, human resources/payroll and data management services.

With 20 international clients mostly based in Asia Pacific, Canada and the US, this Filipino BPO expects 15 percent revenue growth this year. It is composed of certified accountants, auditors, project managers, business analysts and IT professionals.

According to Juan Paolo Araneta, Prople’s head if business development group and project management, says that most of the revenue growth came from clients who are small and medium enterprises (SMEs). Almost 50 percent of Prople’s earnings come from SMEs and new businesses, while the other half comes from large companies.

He says the Filipino BPO offers “highly customized solutions” for multinationals and small and medium enterprises engaged in retail, banking, manufacturing, leasing and development worldwide.

“We focus on industry-specific quick wins for any client that we actually engage [with]. We leverage on the 20 years of industry knowledge that we’ve had. We’ve come across with more than a hundred companies and whatever new company we actually engage or whatever questions they have, we immediately have suggested quick wins for them,”

~ Juan Paolo Araneta.

Araneta describes the growth as “aggressive” compared to the average revenue growth of 10 percent in the past two years.

Servicing both small and large businesses, the firm displays the firm’s flexibility and a good managerial hand.

Presently, Prople’s Mandaluyong office focuses in providing business solutions to 120 clients based locally while the other offices service 20 large international firms. Araneta also said that the company plans to open a new office somewhere in the southern part of the country within 2016. It also plans to secure more partnerships in the coming months which opens more business opportunities to reach more potential clients both here in the Philippines and abroad.

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