Philippines BPO Industry: Lack of suitable and skilled individuals holds back development

BPO Industry: Employees are what develop an industry. We just need to know where to find the suitable candidates.


Tuesday, January 26, 2015
Written by Ace June Rell S. Perez

A successful business owes the credits to its employees and only the right employees can help achieve a successful business. Same can be said in the BPO industry.
According to the article, it is insufficiency of suitable human resources and the required talent pool that hinders the growth of BPO industry. The demand of BPO companies are higher standards than before such as finding agents who does not only speak English but also knowledgeable in technical terms andlanguage specification such as Spanish or German.

Determining the success of a campaign, improving sales and customer service requires a decent talent pool and it is certain that it exists in the country. However, the problem is where to find individuals with qualifications that could meet the demands of these firms. The reason of this increase in the average criteria is Helwett Packard’s intention of expanding its operations in Davao and not only their call center services need these qualified employees due to the fact that most of their clients speak German.

Customer service and Outbound Telemarketing operations will clearly need these talents and outsourcing from companies outside the country may not be the best idea just to meet the gap. One way of addressing this issue is making a concerted effort of among business, academia, and government to make systemic improvements with regards to the industry since Business Process Outsourcing has been a driver of economic growth.

The long term solution according to the article is the new K-12 education system of the country that is deemed as ‘outcome-based education’. There are also schools that offer foreign courses in line with K-12. Although this may be true, let us not forget that in the word of career talks, attitude and experience is distinct from being qualified.

The education system as a long term solution should also consider that the success of this industry corresponds from the dedication of its workers. I doubt that BPO companies would be spending for training and offering foreign language courses to their employees since it’s known to be true that they’ll be leaving anyway. On the other hand, if human resource reconstructs its strategy and workers will be dedicating their service to the company then business firms would likely consider investing on their personnel and maybe this could be one of the many solutions we are looking for.

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