PH Business Process Outsourcing Firm To Spend $10 Million To Expand Outside Metro Manila

PH business process outsourcing firm, will spend up to $10 million to set up facilities outside of Metro Manila, citing plans “to move jobs to the provinces” in a bid to double its work force in the country.

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Sudhir Agarwal, C3 Global chief executive officer, said the firm wants to expand its operations to two locations outside of the urban capital. So far, they have narrowed down their options to three locations, including Davao.

“We are now planning anywhere between $5 million and $10 million to invest in expansion plans but that just only in investment in the facilities,” he said in a media briefing yesterday.

“We want to look up setting up in two provinces in the next two years. The assessment has already begun. One of the places we are looking at is Davao.”

Mr. Agarwal said the firm expects jobs to later on move towards the provinces and away from Metro Manila. This reflects the government’s own efforts to channel investments to regional areas in its bid to achieve inclusive growth. The firm is currently located in Bonifacio Global City.

He said the high attrition rate in the BPO industry could be addressed once the jobs start going to “where the people live.”

“I think what’s going to happen is jobs are going to move to the provinces. It’s going to move to where the people live. We’ll start to see that the attrition rate in those cities would definitely be halved if not less than what it is in the big city. And that’s the big change that’s going to happen.”

The planned facilities form part of the company’s expansion plans, with Mr. Agarwal noting that C3 is looking into widening its global commercial presence to eight countries from the current three United States, Guatemala, and the Philippines. He said C3 will start with two countries this year.

The BPO firm, which specializes in customer relationship management in numerous industries such as health care, financial services, travel and retail, also plans to cater to the Southeast Asian market.

To help address growing demand for BPO services, the firm wants to double its current work force here in the country.

“We have 2,800 workers here in the Philippines. We plan on doubling that to 5,600 people over the next two years,”

He added that the firm is also “in talks” with BPO firms in the Philippines for possible acquisition deals.

The corporate leadership of C3 is a result of a recent acquisition. Everstone Capital and Sunrise BPO Pte. Ltd. completed acquisition of C3 from US-based Stone Point Capital in December last year and formed Everise Holdings, based out of Singapore. Everise Holdings controls 100% stake in C3.


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