Outsourcing Company Eyeing For Expanding Global Footprint

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Outsourcing Company BLS International continued positive momentum has brought success for the company and year 2016 turned out to be the most fruitful year owing to its expanding global footprints. Specializing in outsourcing of Visa, Passport and Attestation Services, BLS International is globally the 2nd largest company, and the largest Indian company, successfully managing the administrative and non-judgmental tasks of processing visa applications in various countries. The company’s revenue and EBITDA has grown tremendously in FY13-16 CARG of 45/34 per cent.

Last month, BLS International bagged a Contract from Spain MAEC (Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation – Spain) marking its widespread reach in Europe as well. Under the 5-year contract worth 175 million euro (Rs 1,300 crore), BLS international will open nearly 150 Spanish Visa Application Centers in 45 countries to support the Spanish Embassies & Consulates of the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation (Spain MAEC) globally. Out of a total 128 Spanish Visa Centers, 53 are already operational from December 2016, and together the company expects to process approximately 1.8 million applications annually.

Recently, BLS International also announced the renewal order for four years from Russia and Singapore for outsourcing services to the Indian Embassy’s/consulates. With the constant growth in the visa outsourcing industry, BLS International aims to enhance their global foot print. BLS International in 2017 aims at expanding their foreign mission category through bagging global contracts, particularly from Thailand and Canada governments, via a competitive process.

Shikhar Aggarwal, Joint Managing Director and Additional Director, BLS International Services said, “At BLS, our endeavour is always to facilitate affordable services to our customers while creating value for our stakeholders, invest in Human Capital and best practices to develop a truly global enterprise. Through our association with Spain government, we intend to provide Spanish Visa’s effortlessly accessible by providing services in many small countries like Algeria, Ecuador, Bolivia, Kazakhstan, Tunisia, Mauritania etc.”

BLS International has commenced one Spanish Visa Application Center in each Delhi & Mumbai and at least one centre in other countries around the globe including, Russia, Morocco, Algeria, Turkey, China, India, South Africa, Ecuador, Equatorial Guinea, Bolivia, Kuwait, United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia, Dominican, Egypt, United Arab Emirates, Indonesia, Senegal, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Ivory Coast, Vietnam, Oman, Kenya, Cameroon, Scotland, Israel, Ghana, Qatar, Ukraine, Thailand, Philippines, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Lebanon, Mauritania, Tunisia, Nigeria, Armenia, Belarus, Iraq, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Uzbekistan. The company plans to open several more offices in these locations in 2017.




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