OECD: To Engage Employers For Enhancement Of Labor Market?

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CEBU, Philippines -The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) said connecting with managers in job and preparing administrations ought to be a key target for Cebu to enhance its work showcase.

Jonathan Barr, senior arrangement investigator at OECD, yesterday said that the Cebu Chamber of Commerce and Industry is a critical manager based system whereupon more grounded organizations could be created.

“You have to work closely with the chamber and other employer federations to have greater dialogues and discuss this issue,” Barr said in a press conference yesterday at the Policy Forum on Employment and Skills Strategies in the Philippines at Radisson Blu Hotel.

The forum was organized by the Asian Development Bank, OECD and the Department of Labor and Employment.

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Barr likewise underscored that there is a need to ensure that the aptitudes being produced in the training framework are addressing the necessities of the businesses.

Therefore, steady meeting between the academe and the business is vital.

As indicated by the OECD look into on Employment and Skills Strategies in the Philippines which was exhibited at the gathering yesterday, Cebu’s Public Employment Service Offices (PESO) ought to likewise expect to set up a solid organization with the chamber that would concentrate on issues of workforce advancement and profitability.

Cebu is one of the contextual investigation territories including Davao City and Taguig City.

“Under current management, most of the focus is labor relations. Social dialogue is a key mechanism through which the PESO can better understand the local labor market and the future growth possibilities,” the OECD study recommended.

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The study also recommended for the Philippines in general to launch programs that would encourage stronger employer networks, deliver skills development opportunities and leverage public investment to increase employer participation in training opportunities.

“Cebu could focus some resources on this type of programming to foster strong skills development opportunities among local employers,” the study further said.

It also noted that Cebu has already launched programs around call center training, which offer scholarships to trainees.

Notwithstanding, the OECD said that a business center approach would all the more particularly focus on the requirements of bosses around aptitudes preparing openings and concentrate on different areas of the neighborhood openings which exhibit development openings, for example, tourism and retail.

The OECD look into likewise highlighted that interest in the supply of aptitudes alone won’t be adequate to secure employment creation and profitability in all neighborhood economies.

OECD said Cebu has embraced various activities to help the general supply of abilities in the economy.

“While these actions should continue and be expanded, there is also a need to work on the demand-side with employers to look at the quality of jobs on offer and how to move existing industries into higher-value added services and production,” OECD said.

By moving into high-value added services and production, Cebu will be working to encourage innovation and productivity, which are important sources of investment attraction and growth.

Barr said that while much is being done to promote and expand the business process outsourcing (BPO) sector, there is a risk of devoting too many resources.

He said it is also important to work with other sectors of the economy such as retail, health and educational services to boost quality of jobs on offer.

Furthermore in sectors such as manufacturing and shipping, there is also a need to work with local employers to assist them in strategically thinking about workforce development issues.


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