New York Marathon: Three PH BPO Workers To Join The Event

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Three Filipinos are among the members in the New York marathon, named the world’s biggest and most notable marathon, which will be hung on November 6.

Alberto Agulto Jr., Clint Ortiz and Leo Penas, supported by their organization Open Access BPO, are set to keep running as a feature of Ryan’s Run, subsidiary with Allied Services Integrated Health System, which helps youngsters and grown-ups with physical inabilities.

As per CEO Benjamin Davidowitz, the three representatives were picked in view of their enthusiasm for running and residency with the organization.

As part of their training regiment, Agulto and Ortiz participated in several prestigious events in the country, such as SMDC Run 2016 (Leg 2), Caliraya 360 Run (Lumban, Laguna), 40th National Milo Marathon (Metro Manila), Runfest 2016, Run GNC 2016, World Vision Run 2016, Colors of Freedom, NatGeo Earth Day Run 2016, SMDC Run 2016 and Condura Skyway Marathon 2016.

For his part, Penas joined local marathons like the NatGeo Run, GNC Run, SMDC Run and the Ultramarathon Run. He also trained for two months in the US.

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“Running an event outside of the country is some sort of a next level to my running career. Participating in one of the most prestigious events–if not the most–The New York City Marathon, will be a game changer for me mentally and physically,” Agulto said.

Agulto noted that running in the New York marathon event is his own little way to help differently-abled people. “We are given a chance to do what we love the most–running, in a great place, supported by great groups of people…. We are lucky, blessed and exhilarated indeed,” he added.

Penas cited personal reasons for participating in the event. “I’ve always been a competitive athlete, since my high school days up to my college years. Also, Ben Davidowitz, my boss, motivated me to go back to running and he was very supportive about this event,” he said.

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He added that his goals are to go back to his healthy lifestyle and to reach the record of three hours and 30 minuntes in the said event.


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