Napping hacks

Napping hacks

Sleep has once been a very vague and far-fetched thought for some people – college students, examinees, workaholic professionals but most especially, call center agents. But did you know that sleep isn’t just for the weak? Here are some napping hacks that can turn your world around!

For call center agents (or for any individual always burning the midnight oil), it’s very important to stay alert during the night until the wee hours of the morning. Taking calls from different time zones can be both stressful and exhausting. With all the tools an agent needs to use to get the right information for the customer, it certainly requires so much more than just a physical presence in that pod. The best way to keep that energy and alertness steady is getting the right kind of nap.

This article is all about getting the right specifically for call center agents working the night shifts. Napping is a great source of energy better than just drinking energy drinks or coffee. But for quicker and effective results, here are some simple napping hacks.

  1. Warm Up

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Call center offices are usually really cold. A good and relaxing nap requires the body a warmer and more comfortable place. The very low temperature gets the body uncomfortable and wakes it up in the middle of a nap. So, it’s very important to bring a cozy blanket to warm up. Add some socks or bonnet increase warmth whichever is more comfortable for you.

  1. COMA – Cherries, oatmeal, milk and almondsCherry Almond Oats

Right before you take a nap, it’s helpful to drink milk, eat almonds, oatmeal and cherries. These types of food can help you sleep easier so that one won’t have to waste time finding the right position or the perfect timing. A dark and silent is also very good for naps.

  1. Prop Up

Sit up

Position is also very important. Most of the time, lying down means that one intends to get into a good deep sleep. Prop yourself up so that your body knows that it’s just a quick but energizing one.


  1. Coffee


15 min breaks or sparing 10-20 mins from the lunch hour can also be nap time. According to studies, 10-20 minute naps can boost energy and alertness. If one needs some serious boost, one can drink a cup of coffee before taking a nap. It takes 15-20 mins for coffee to metabolize in the body so it’s just the right time to get the proper rest needed.


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