Morning Run

Atlast! An Easy Morning Excercise for Call Center Agents

A lot of people who work for the BPO industry rarely have the time for themselves. What I mean is the quality time that makes a person happy such as your hobby, social needs like hanging out with loved ones and health related practice like cooking good food for yourself and exercise. These are essential activities that makes our life full of colors.

Most of the time, being indulged with your job leaves you to follow an unhealthy lifestyle and once you are accustomed to this lifestyle you feel sluggish to change it. Just like any individual who works for the business process outsourcing industry, Alice Grace Ledesma-Bautista, the Chief Operating Officer of, has the same problem after gaining too much weight.

Now she has found a way how to change her lifestyle by choosing a work out routine that giver her a lot of benefits and keeps her motivated to lose weight and aim for a healthier lifestyle. Watch the video and learn why a morning run can benefit everyone.

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