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Achieving mental fitness

Being physically fit is everyone’s goal. This can be attained through healthy lifestyle like having regular exercise, eating nutritious foods, etc. But everyone should also remember that mental fitness is as important as physical health.

Being mentally fit is a must. It helps a person in his/her daily routine. In fact, it is a necessity for everyone especially to those who are working or studying since having a sound mind means that a person can work and study better. And so, mental fitness should not be neglected.

In one journal published by Indian Association of Preventive & Social Medicine, it stated that BPO employees are more depressed, more stressed and more anxious compared with non-BPO workers.

“Call center employees are expected to express positive emotions and suppress negative emotions like frustration, resentment, and anger, in their interactions with customers so as to create a desired state of mind in the customer. If not given a healthy expressive outlet, this emotional repression can profoundly affect a person psychologically.” – Indian Journal of Community Medicine

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Call center employees are indeed among those people who are experiencing depression. But of course, in every concern, there is always a solution. There are ways to improve life and achieve healthy lifestyle.

Several studies proved that engaging in several physical activities is one way to have a healthy mind. It is because physical activity increases the flow of oxygen to the brain. It can help a person to beat depression or stress and gain more positive outlook both on work and on life.

The question now is how to be mentally fit? People would also ask if it is still achievable especially to those depressed individuals. And to those who can’t avoid unhealthy lifestyle because of work demands and working environment wherein work pressure and stress are inevitable. And so, here are some simple tips from that can help an individual to be mentally fit.

Mental Fitness Tips

  • Exercise the body to exercise the brain

Like what stated above, engaging in physical activities like exercise is very helpful. Because by exercising the body, the brain exercises too. It learns new muscle skills, estimates distance and practice balance. Remember that having appropriate and variety of exercises is a very good choice.

  • Meditate

Daily meditation is perhaps the single greatest thing that can be done for both mind and body. Meditation not only relaxes an individual’s mind, but also gives the brain a little bit of workout. By creating a different mental state through meditation, the brain is being engaged with new and interesting ways while increasing the brain fitness.

  • Play games

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Brain fitness programs and games are wonderful ways to tease and challenge the brain. Games such as suduko, puzzles, crosswords and electronic games can all improve the brain’s speed and memory. These games don’t just help the brain exercise but also give a person fun that can relieve stress.

  • Make simple changes

Most people love their daily routine because it gives them comfort. But to help the brain stay young and avoid boredom, try to make simple changes. Try some things that are refreshing to do. Like changing routes to the grocery store, using opposite hand to open doors and eating dessert first. All these will force the mind to wake up from habits and pay attention again.

  • Train your brain

Brain training is becoming a trend. There are formal courses, websites and books with programs on how to train the mind to work better and faster. There are some research behind these programs, but the basic principles are memory, visualization and reasoning. By working on these three concepts everyday, the brain will be ready for anything.

Always remember that if depression and stress challenge you, think that it’s you yourself who has more control over them. Don’t let them beat you. Stay healthy. Be mentally fit.




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