Marketing Recipe: Outbound and Inbound

A Combination of Two Marketing Strategies: Outbound your Inbound Marketing

AG Saleswork is a provider of high quality and fully qualified sales leads to technology companies. According to its co-founder, COO and President, Peter Gracey: we do not call outbounding cold-calling because everyone we call has already received some sort of communication before a company proceeds on the call plan and while outbound calling is a good marketing strategy to increase sales, inbound marketing is also useful in generating leads.

His article, Are You Outbounding Your Inbound Marketing?, presented three items that could ensure the success of your outbounding strategy and get increased sales.

1. Building or Outsourcing an outbounding team. It doesn’t matter if you build it or lease as long as you have the best outbounding team. However, he stated that these people are not sales employees but tele-qualified representatives that could specialize in separating the wheat from the chaff within your inbound leads. They qualify and pass the sales ready opportunities and nurture the rest.

2. Have a systematic call plan. Coordinate with your sales counterparts in order to develop a better plan for your inbound leads. It wouldn’t be wise in developing the ideas alone and constraining your sales team to follow it. A mutual plan developed by their feedback can only mean success.

3. Let sales manage. After building or outsourcing your outbounding team, give the management to sales because the best telequalification reps are future sales people. According to Peter: you’ve already collaborated and agreed upon the call plan so you know that your inbound campaigns are going to get the air cover they need to become closed business. All you now need training and monitoring, making sure that your feedback are heard.
The success of converting your leads to customers largely depends on the design of your inbound marketing strategy. However, there are circumstances that this process fails and the sales representatives would blame the marketing group for having poor performance. That is why this idea of Peter to outbound your inbound marketing could help you reinvent your strategy because there is no such thing as a complete solution to marketing.

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