Manila: Telus McKinley Site To Have The Best Amenities

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MANILA – TELUS International Philippines (TIP) launches its fifth site, TELUS House McKinley West, a five-storey building at Bonifacio Global City which showcases a modern industrial look with a unique approach to team members’ experience through its state-of-the-art facilities.

TIP’s facilities director Pia Felix led the pack in the venture, managing the plan, support, 1hardware, benefit suppliers and different measures concerning security and wellbeing. She guaranteed that the recently opened site gave a fun vibe and worker spoiling offices.

More than being fun, TELUS International Philippines encourages a minding domain that is reflected in every one of its drives for its colleagues. Fun is the aftereffect of the cognizant exertion of giving projects and offices that bolster the expert and self-improvement and advancement of its colleagues.

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“This is our team members’ second home. They spend nine to 10 hours at work so we want to make them relaxed and feel that they are taken care of by the company,” she noted.

A tour at TIP McKinley West will show you why it is cool to work in this call center offering inspiring work spaces for its team members.

The Excellent Area

Pass on, TIP McKinley West’s vital spot makes for a laid-back yet urban setting, basically reproducing what’s recognizable to the colleagues hailing from down south like Alabang and Cavite. In the event that you thoroughly consider it’s of the way, TIP gives carry benefits that drive colleagues to work and back, by preventing starting with one site then onto the next.

The greatest reward of the site is one of its structures confronts the green, beautiful McKinley West Park on Chateau Road!

The Fun Offices

A play area themed meeting room nearby anticipates its colleagues for their meetings to generate new ideas and clusters.

There is no lack of hues, prints, and examples at TIP McKinley West. The lower ground floor of the building where the organization engages trying TIP colleagues, uncover dividers, lounges and other furniture with points of interest of block, wood, and metal.

The meeting rooms have larger than usual prints on the divider as background and this theme goes through in a portion of the workplaces in the second floor including the preparation rooms, HR, and the library. The insides are made more dynamic with mechanical insets — repurposed tires as dividers, metals formed like holder vans for meeting and honing regions, and covered or tiled floors of unbalanced outlines!

Felix stressed: “We want to continue to push the boundaries. Our slogan is ‘It’s Different Here’ so I need to ensure we stay true and continue to stand out. We want our team members to bring out their creative juices. It can’t be just that typical corporate as it has never been that way at TIP.”   

“People have this notion that working in a BPO is a monotonous job—it’s not! We at TIP do understand that for our agents, there’s a need for them to break out from that monotony that’s why we have themed interiors and other areas that relax the eyes and the mood,” she added.

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The Ergonomics

The prosperity of the colleagues still holds beat need at TIP, said Felix. She particularly tailor-made the seats to fit anybody’s stance regardless of his/her tallness and size is. Drilling ranges are arranged close-by for some directing. Nap boxes are accommodated those searching for a supportive close eye.

The exercise center here is TIP’s greatest yet over its Metro Manila branches. It’s entire with machines, shower rooms and motivational quotes up on the dividers and it holds Piloxing and CrossFit classes as well. The storeroom is intended for a major gathering and has leveled seats that ascent up onto a spot where TIP pioneers can arrange gatherings confronting everybody uninhibitedly in the room

Efforts In Making You Well-Rounded

While Felix trusts that the think plan of the site helps in the efficiency of the TIP colleagues, she additionally perceives how the organization endeavors to improve them adjusted individuals through their different activities.

TIP has the TELUS International University which offers short and full degree courses to colleagues and to their families; Town Hall, the yearly show for all TIP individuals; and Heroes Day, which pays tribute to forefront operators and CSR exercises that urge colleagues to offer back to the community.14


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