Liberty Medical Philippines Celebrates First Anniversary

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The BPO industry in the country has gone from a scattering of small firms and satellite offices, to becoming one of the key growth drivers in the country. Thanks to the growing talent pool in the country, and the growing reputation of Filipinos to be skilled BPO employees, whether it is voice or non-voice related duties that a lot of international companies have chosen the Philippines as their site for business outsourcing.

One of the key players in the healthcare industry is Liberty Medical Philippines (LMPI), the first off-country site of United States-based medical products and services mail-order provider Liberty Medical.

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Edwin Matulin,
Country Manager
Liberty Medical Philippines
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“Liberty Medical LCC is a leading mail-order provider of medical products and services to patients in the U.S. with diabetes, sleep apnea, urology problems and other chronic diseases. We deal day in and day out with patients in the United States, and see that our company make the lives of our patients better, by supplying them the right supplies, medications, and giving them the education that they need to live better lives. So, if you are our agents, every time you come in, you are not just solving problems, but you are actually lifting and saving lives of patients, day-in, day out,” said LMPI Country Manager Edwin Matulin.

As LMPI country head, Matulin explained that apart from a talented workforce, which is a big factor, it is also the culture of the Philippines that helps LMPI operate to the best of the company’s ability. “The Filipinos are a nurturing culture by nature. We grew up with a lot of extended families and we are usually close to our elders. This is also reflected on the way that our agents treat our patients during calls. Our patients can feel that they are being treated with respect and courtesy one person gives to another instead of just being another issue that needs to be addressed,” he shared.

The employees’ constant exposure to the health risks that diabetes pose—thanks to their interaction with patient-clients—have also turned them into advocates of diabetes awareness. According to Matulin, LMPI employees often discuss with their friends and families the health complications that could arise when diabetes isn’t managed. This is further supplemented by the company’s outreach programs or CSR, where the LMPI share the fruits of its labors and educate individuals. In a recent team building and outreach program, employees provided school supplies for school children in Laiya, Batangas. It brought along the value of health maintenance through the wellness information; ensuring that this community benefits from LMPI’s everyday actions. The company recently held another outreach program in Barangay Orambo in Pasig City where children, ages 6 to 10 years old, were treated to a day of fun, food and learning activities. The company also donated school supplies, and parents were educated on diabetes.

True to its words, LMPI has changed the lives of a lot of people in and out of the organization. Recognitions, rewards and promotions abounded from the four corners of its well-maintained domain. The hard work, commitment and sacrifices of its people have not remained unnoticed. From the internal recognition event to the large scale awarding venue, the quarterly Team Members Assembly, the team members’ dedication and exemplary performance were given proper credits.

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The company started out with less than 40 individuals, but within its first year, the Liberty Medical Philippines staff size has ballooned to over 350 employees. Along with the growing number of employees, are the additional responsibilities of the company. Matulin explained that in most BPO companies, the instructions come from the main headquarters, and off-site offices only send their reports. However, Liberty Medical Philippines is catching up with its US counterpart’s BPO operations. “We are now training our quality assurance team and they will be monitoring and evaluating not just calls to the Philippines, but also client calls in the US office. While there might be differences in culture, Liberty Medical Philippines is proud we can show off the skill and talent of the Filipinos on a level playing field,” he said.

And as the company celebrate its first anniversary this month, it is aiming to create a culture where their employees find meaning in their jobs, among others. “We are here to offer meaningful careers to Filipinos, helping our patients in the United States, make our company grow, as well as contribute to the growing BPO industry in the Philippines,” Matulin ended.




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