Meet The Newest Executive Director Of A Global IT Services And Outsourcing Firm

Hanif Younus, Executive Director of Europe,Miratech Photo From:
Hanif Younus,
Executive Director of Europe,Miratech
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Miratech, a Global IT Services And Outsourcing Firm, welcomes Hanif Younus as the Executive Director of Europe to lead Miratech’s Growth initiative throughout the region. Hanif will manage operations from the company’s London office.

With a background in financial services, operations, and technology at some of the world’s largest financial institutions, Hanif brings decades of leadership, strategy, and critical thinking to the Miratech team. In his new position, Mr. Younus will help bring to market some of Miratech’s newest solutions including:  global team extensions, Turn-Key R&D™ and Turn-Key IT™ programs, customer intelligence solutions, and cyber security services, used by governments and corporations worldwide.
“During my time as Director at one of major banks, Miratech was a prime provider of our IT services, I was deeply impressed with their innovative services and exceptional delivery model. After completing 35 years in Banking, I was planning to travel the world, but I had attended Miratech’s M-Force event in New York where I learned of their new strategies and leadership needs. After that experience, joining Miratech  was a simple choice”, states Mr. Younus.
“Hanif is a critical component of our global growth strategy. His roles in Citibank and leading European financial institutions align perfectly with Miratech’s growing footprint in the US and Europe”, states Valeriy Kutsyy, CEO of Miratech Group.
Mr. Younus is part of Miratech’s 2017 global expansion program, with new leadership, locations and innovative services.
Miratech is an IT services and outsourcing company that provides managed IT services to large and midsize multinational organizations. Founded in 1989, Miratech has its headquarters in Stockholm and Washington, DC; with R&D center s in Poland, Philippines, Slovakia, Spain, and Ukraine. Miratech serves its customers internationally, covering 560 locations. Miratech has been ranked highly in major industrial ratings, including the Global Services 100; the Software 500®; the NOA’s Outsourcing Professional Award; the EOA’s Award and The Global Outsourcing 100® and Best Five Companies in Eastern Europe, by IAOP®. Miratech is ISO 9001, CMM Level 3, ISO 27001 and ISO 22301 certified.



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