common interview questions for call center agents

Common interview questions for call center agents

The hiring process for a position in a call center as an agent is a long and rigorous one. There are a lot of tests and interviews that vary depending on the type of skills they need in a particular campaign. Here are some of common interview questions that can help you land that job:


Tell me about yourself.

This is a very overlooked question and is usually asked at the beginning of the interview process. This is the point where you should present yourself to the interviewer as a good candidate for the job.

According to, a good answer should not contain the obvious information that can easily be found on your resume such as your address or where you went to school. Try talking about hobbies and skills that show the interviewer that you are a good choice. For example if you talk about your interest in group sports such as basketball or soccer, this gives the interviewer an idea that you are a team player. If you don’t have any interesting hobbies, talk about things that make you interesting. Always stick to the primary goal that you should show them that they should hire you.


Why do you want to work for a call center?

This is also among the most common interview questions. Usually, this is directed to fresh graduates or to those who are new to the call center industry. This is a question usually asked to see if you understand how a call center works. It is crucial that again, you relate your answer to the skills that you have.

Don’t answer that you want to improve your English, if it is not your first language. Since you’ve already applied for this position it is instantly assumed that you have good communication skills. Also, don’t answer that you need the job or the money. Mention the benefits of a call center and the industry itself. Research about the company ahead of time and relate their needs to your skills.

Why should we hire you?

This is as straightforward as it gets. Mention again the skills that you possess and how it can be beneficial for them. Tell them that you are a qualified candidate and own it. Confidence is the key to answering this question but don’t overdo it. Don’t sugar-coated your answer. Show them that you can handle the job and at the same time you can grow with them professionally speaking.

Again, do not mention your need for money or how desperate you are at finding a job. Sell yourself as your are. Be as honest as much as you can.

Where do you see yourself five years from now?

This question tests your commitment to the company. Companies are looking for someone to stay with them for long term. Answer in a way that you are reassuring them your commitment. They also want to check if you are competitive and if you have it in you to be a leader.

Give them a realistic view of your goal. A good answer will be one that coincides with what the company’s objectives are aligned with yours.

Do you have any questions for me?

This is also a question to test if you are serious with your job. Here, you can ask about the next step in the hiring process or you can ask about something the interviewer forgot to ask you that can be a good angle to sell yourself more.

But do not ask questions that can be easily answered and irrelevant. You need to show them that you are smart and sincere with your application.


The key to passing that important interview is to be confident, research ahead of time, be tactical but honest and above all, be yourself.


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