Infosys’ executive shuffle

Former Chief Operating Officer of Infosys Ltd’s business process outsourcing subsidiary, Ananthat Radhakrishnan, is now its new Chief Executive Officer.

According to The Economic Times India, Radhakrishnan is now expected to revive the growth of the unit from its recorded growth of 0.8% last year.

The company’s former CEO, Anup Uppadhayay, has been appointed head of strategic sales programs and will work with Mojit Joshi. Joshi has been tasked to improve sales effectiveness of Infosys’ offerings. He is also the head of banking and financial business unit.

Infosys’s decision to align the sales teams at its BPO and IT services, according to many equity analysts, is logical as, globally, companies from large banks such as Citigroup Inc. to retail behemoth Wal-Mart Stores Inc. want their IT vendors to offer their entire range of services, Mint reported on 12 May.

One of the major reasons why Infosys’ BPO subsidiary is unable to step up business is its inability to generate more business from existing clients. According to the article in Mint, out of the 10 of its largest clients only accounted for about 38% of the total business at the end of March last year. However, at the end of March 2014, it accounted for 41%. With that kind of situation, Infosys had no choice but to drop prices to win new clients.

The executive shuffle is the company’s way to attempt to efficiently put the best employees they have to address the most pressing concerns they have for this year. In an interview earlier in May, Pravin Rao has said that the company was exploring ways to revamp all its verticals and service lines to optimize growth all across.

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