Inbound vs Outbound Telemarketing

Inbound vs outbound telemarketing

Some may get confused about the whole notion of inbound and outbound telemarketing. Both telemarketing styles have been tested and proven through time and has paved way for so many companies to reach their optimum sales potential. Telemarketing is strategy used in marketing to introduce and sell a product or service through the telephone. It has been a million dollar industry that helped build large corporations and companies throughout the world.

Inbound Telemarketing

Inbound telemarketing is when the customer or a prospect calls the representative. This can be achieved through advertising your hotline in a website, social networking accounts, email or direct mail. Inbound telemarketers are more likely to answer queries about the product rather than proactively sell the product or service to whoever is calling. Some common uses of inbound telemarketing are for order taking and processing, customer service, troubleshooting, information verification, locator services, sales campaigns, booking services and registrations, or providing additional information for a product or service.

Inbound telemarketing also requires more customer relationship management (CRM) skills rather than sales techniques. It is focused on maintaining customers and helping them with whatever concerns they have regarding the product or service. Some inbound telephone services are open round-the-clock to make sure that it is accessible for all customers.

According to Saleshub, companies often have this type of marketing to create greater profitability, reduce cost per sale, create higher sales volume, and increase the rate of qualified lead. Most importantly, an inbound service can increase customer service satisfactions which is good for any business.

Outbound Telemarketing

Doing outbound telemarketing, on the other hand, involves proactive selling. Every telemarketer make calls from whichever company he or she is representing. The numbers they dial are the target group of consumers the company has already identified. They are the consumers most likely to buy the product according to research and statistics.

This type of telemarketing might involve a more in-depth study from the product to the target consumers. Research and lead generation plays an important role to make a successful outbound call.

According to Wisegeek, outbound telemarketers will have to abide to a certain laws for customer protection. In some areas, consumers can request to be put on a do not call list for telemarketing. These telemarketers also have to abide by rules, such as the time frames they can make calls, how many times they can contact customers and that they have to check the do not call list prior to calling the customer.

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