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Why are hobbies not famous in the call center industry?
When working in a call center there is a well-known impression that customer service agents are undersupplied of one resource: time. The reason for the scarcity of time is not actually overextended work hours but their propensity to lose their sense of time. After all, their job requires them to be flexible enough to adapt to the customer’s time zone especially for offshore BPO (business process outsourcing) companies.

It is a fact that sacrificing a huge portion of your time is essential in order to build a career in the industry. As a result of this situation, we see agents missing quality time with their family, time for recreation and even enough time for sleep, all contributing to a dull and unwanted lifestyle. Sooner or later these agents would be leaving their companies thinking that it was their job that made them feel hollow inside.

The need for Hobbies

2Studies have shown that time spent pursuing hobbies and personal passions is actually essential for a well-rounded and satisfying life. A life without hobbies and leisurely pursuits is a very dry, demanding, and unhealthy life. read more…

It must be ironic for a person who barely has the time to sleep is in need for a hobby. Well, that is exactly the point. Hobbies give you the consent to take a time out. People with a busy schedule, family responsibilities and stressful lives need hobbies just as much, if not more, than a person who has a sedentary lifestyle.

Here are the benefits of having a hobby:

  • Hobbies are great stress relievers
  • Physical hobbies keep you fit
  • Hobbies challenge you in a good way
  • Hobbies may ward off depression
  • Hobbies creates healthy social connections
  • It promotes health and happiness
“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” -Confucius
Unfortunately, this quote from Confucius is not suitable for most of us since our lives are governed by opportunity and luck. While others work for ambitious reasons, some of us see our career paths as a way of saving money in order to buy the things we like and do the things we love.
We don’t get a hobby because we are bored and in need of spending time. We get a hobby in order to discover hidden things about ourselves. Spending time on something you think you want to do may make you realize what are your passions in life. If you are lucky, you could make money out of your hobby and achieve the dream that Confucius was pertaining to.

Hobbies for Call Center Agents

  1. Cooking 


As a call center agent, your rations must be street food, fast food, reheated food from convenience stores, canned goods and processed food such as instant noodles. If you are lucky, you get to eat decent food cooked by one of your housemates or family members.

Cooking as a hobby does not only push you to eat good food but also live a healthy life. Try to cook simple dishes at first. Afterwards, search for new and easy recipes. Just remember that google is always at your disposal. There are countless websites that could give you recipes and procedures in cooking different viands. It’s fine to fail the first or two tries in cooking a certain dish.

During your day off or special occasions try to cook for individuals close to your heart as this could give you a pleasing feeling of satisfaction.

2. Crafting

Untitled-1Crafting can be in a form of embroidery, knitting, woodcraft, pottery and glass, or even paper crafts. This type of hobby can develop into a business. Crafting in some areas like pottery, woodcraft and metalwork may be difficult at first especially if you lack the respective training of a blacksmith, potter or carpenter. You could try to start with paper mache first.

Aside from monetary and artistic value, crafting can be a symbol of your personality and a source of memories.

3. Blogging

Untitled-3As social beings, expressing oneself is a necessity because of the feelings we are obtaining as a part of our experience. These emotions are bottling up everyday and one way or the other, we would need to squeeze them out. Expressing them is not only healthy because we get rid of the weight in our hearts but also to open an opportunity to communicate with other individuals.

Gone are the days when producing a simple webpage needs a crash course in HTML coding. With different blogging platforms available for free and premium accounts, blogging is now as easy as actually writing on a piece of stationery.

Initially, you should start to conceptualize on what to write about. Famous blog topics are food, lifestyle, travels, inspiring stories and even day to day experiences of an individual. A good topic for call center agents can be about your callers for the day. As a start, you could try to publish at least an article of two paragraphs about your callers and your impressions about them. You could write your imaginations of what they look like and what kind of life they are having.


These are just three of hundreds of different hobbies out there. Choosing one is just a complex question but retaining them is another problem. A lot of us are induced to try a hobby once we see it as beautiful and interesting like photography but most of the time we fail to keep up because our interests change and we are constrained with other factors such as time and money. Next time we turn around, we see our camera covered in dust.

With passion, upkeep and hard work, the hobby that you love can turn into your career and bring a lot of money. Wouldn’t it be nice if you’re doing something you love and you’re being paid for it? Though some people would disagree:

It really is up to us on what path we should choose for ourselves what’s important is that we find happiness or satisfaction in everything we do.

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