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Who to hire: BPO company vs Freelancer

Every business has its own specific needs according to its nature and market. In content curation, for example, it is important to know which one is much needed: a BPO company or a freelancer. Both choices have their own pros and cons and t is important to become well aware of these pros and cons in order to make the right managerial call.

Five Considerations
Photo from gives us five top considerations while choosing between a BPO company versus a team of freelancers. These five considerations are:

  1. Cost
  2. Time
  3. Flexibility
  4. Breadth of Services
  5. Infrastructure


Cost is a primary consideration. Most business owners opt for freelancers just because they are less expensive.

With freelancers, rates can be negotiable. One can find so many freelance writers in online job posting sites. Companies and agencies, however, charge monthly and some more additional costs for planning, strategy, promotion and analytics.

Some experts say that in outsourcing, one always gets what he or she pays for. Cheap negotiation also results to cheap content that can greatly affect your business in the long run. So, it’s important to be reasonable and find a compromise between the two.


No doubt that hiring freelancers takes lesser time than larger agencies or companies. Agencies tend to have more complex client-company correspondence due to paper works and paper trails. This correspondences, however, is a sign of a well-established business that you can expect long-term ties with.

Perhaps for rushed short-term projects, hiring a freelancer is the best choice while for a project that requires long-term commitment and other functions that would require a longer time to build up like analytics or content marketing strategy, opting for a BPO agency or company isn’t such a bad idea.


According to, working with an agency may mean signing a long-term contract that could make it challenging to pivot your content strategy and approach as needed. With freelancers, there’s typically no long-term contract, so the work may ebb and flow as your needs evolve (of course, that flows both ways; they may need to scale back or pause their work for you as their workload changes).

Breadth of Services

Does your business need content curation from a specific area or do you need variety (videos, blog posts, whitepapers and e-books)? In this case, freelancers can help with a few common formats while agencies can be a one-stop shop.

Hiring a freelancer needs to have a specific job description to make sure that the right person is paid for the right job. Rarely do we find a freelancer able and willing to do everything for a single pay. While with agencies and companies, the talent pool is already identified and will be utilized once a specific service is needed for a client.


Infrastructure includes the processes and technology used in delivering the output asked by the client.

According to, agencies have better infrastructure compared to freelancers. This is because agencies have an existing process and technology ready to be adapted according the needs and preference of every client.

Freelancers, on the other hand, have their own individual resources. As good as freelancers are, there are certain limitations in hiring them especially when your needs are leaning towards complicated processes and technologies.

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