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A growing contact center industry

The contact center industry installs a brighter future with more technological possibilities. Globe Business addresses the need for connectivity solutions by providing IT-BPM companies with a wide service portfolio ranging from domestic data services to trans-continental voice connectivity and even allowing information storage at the Globe Data Center. The company has all in all invested around $500 million to expand and provide better customer support.

The contact center industry here in the Philippines is expected to earn $25 billion in revenues this year. The Philippines being named the “Ultimate Customer Experience Paradise” in the 11th International Contact Center Conference & Expo (ICCCE) expects a more fruitful year to come.

The contact center industry imparts 10% to the Philippine economy and gives income to 1 million Filipinos. No wonder why the industry competitively seeks more ways to maintain the A-game.

Benedict Hernandez from Contact Center Association says there are many reasons why foreigners invest in the contact center industry here in the Philippines. We have a growing population of English fluent talent pool and a culture with a natural liking of foreign cultures. Our government has also managed to make it easier for businessmen to land investments here and not to mention our “world-class service centricity”.

Unlike the traditional low-skill work employees do in a contact center workplace, the industry has now evolved into more complex job – ones that machines are not anymore capable to do. Mike Frausing once mentioned that “Companies are now cutting down on costs and making processes more efficient. Tasks that were once done by several people can now be delegated to gadgets, which are operated by one person”.

Furthermore, in a report by, Frausing added, “Nonetheless, this transformation does not mean a decline on the employment rates. The change brought about by technology will help the contact center industry grow beyond customer care. This is a chance for Filipinos in the industry to be trained for more technical jobs in finance, human resources, data analytics and IT development.”


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