First Call Resolution

first call resolution approach
first call resolution approach

First call resolution (FCR) is a key performance indicator for evaluating a contact center’s services. An important factor that influences FCR is mapping customers to the most appropriate resources. It can be quite frustrating when customers aren’t connected to service agents who can offer the required assistance and multiple calls are required for the same issue. It’s not just customers who are affected but the support staff’s efficiency is also impacted as the average handle time increases. By deploying appropriate tools and gathering customer profile data for service request mapping, FCR rates can be dramatically improved.

Why is it important?

When a company agrees to provide an IT help desk as a service for another company, one of the main points in the agreement will revolve around FCR; First Call Resolution. It is an abbreviation that every help desk agent knows only too well and every manager stresses about all too often. FCR rate is extremely important because customers want their IT issues answered quickly and efficiently. A customer is going to be pretty upset if they have an issue that has been sent around several different vendors and resolver teams, only to come back to the original agent 5 days later for what is a quick fix.

Here are 4 tips with which you can improve the first call resolution rate:

  1. Efficient Knowledge Database

Knowledge is power and having an efficient knowledge database is a powerful tool in getting the FCR rate up. The articles in the database should be clear and concise, with good instructions on how to fix the issue. If the agent has to scroll through tons of unnecessary information about thing that he or she doesn’t always understand then they are more likely to send the ticket to someone else.

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    Subject Matter Experts

If your desk is lucky enough to have a few IT gurus who know how the systems work and understand the quick fixes, have them available to provide knowledge to inexperienced agents who might not fully understand the scope of the issue. If the desk is busy, the Subject Matter Experts, or SME’s, should be taking calls and handling tickets, but in off peak times they can be walking around and providing valuable assistance.


  1. Group Chats

The combined knowledge of the team is far better than individual experience. Look at the software the company uses and find a way to have group chats where all members of the help desk can add information about issues they might be having and they can post questions about issues they might not be familiar with. Google Hangouts, Lotus Notes Same time and Skype are all ways that the team can have a group chat that they can collaborate professionally.


  1. Team meetings and refresher training

Software changes all the time and even the most experienced agents can get rusty on certain systems if they have not used them for a while. Some agents will support multiple accounts that use different software and systems making it extra hard to remember them all. Refresher training allows the team to get up to date knowledge on the quick fixes at first level that increase our team and individual FCR levels.

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“Companies that consistently measure FCR are seeing major performance improvements. According to research conducted by The Ascent Group, 60% of companies measuring FCR for a year or longer reported a 1% – 30% improvement in their

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performance. With results like these, you cannot afford not to track FCR. In order to be effective, measurement of first call resolution must be reliable, consistent, and accurate.”

(Source: CallMiner)


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