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Facebook Chatbots: The new customer service

Facebook is a revolutionary website. It has managed to change not only people’s personal lives but businesses as well. Recently, it has launched new technology that will re-shape the way companies handle customer service. It is called Facebook Chatbots.

Facebook Chatbots are basically bots integrated to Facebook Messenger. These bots are a type of artificial intelligence that was made using Facebook’s Bot Engine. They can understand and process language. They can also learn from it which can make them “smarter” with each conversation. Facebook Chatbots are programs designed to interact with people on the Messenger app. The primary goal of these bots is to handle customer service for businesses.

The process of how it works is like chatting with any other person. The main means of communication is the Messenger application of Facebook. A person can simply chat the company that is on Facebook to ask a question. The chatbot will reply based on the how it was programmed. This can prove to be very effective if someone wants to know basic information from the company. It is very similar with chat support only with an automatic system.

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This development can be a game changer in the call center industry. Facebook is a social media giant that millions of users turn to for their everyday communication. Once developed properly, people will no longer find the need to call in using their phones anymore, instead all they have to do is go online and get the information they need through Facebook Chatbots.

These bots do not end with Facebook alone. There are other companies who are developing this similar technology. The BPO industry in India is already experiencing the beginnings of these technological revolution. Experts believe that the decline of India’s revenue in the BPO industry could be partially attributed to these bots.

There might be a possible decline in some aspects of the BPO industry but it will definitely not be going away any time soon. These bots may indeed help lessen the workload for customer service agents but there are some services that can only be done by a live person. At this point, it is still not clear what the effect of these bots will be but it will definitely bring quite a change.



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