Lifestyle of employees

Will the lifestyle of employees affect their performance?

Lifestyle of employees: Its significance

“You can’t do a good job if your job is all you do”

You can't do a good job, if your job is all you do

That is a quote written in one of the cards of Artifact Uprising regarding one’s lifestyle. The quote was actually the author’s way of finding passion in doing one’s job. However, for those individuals who work in the real world where companies need to produce revenues we have to give another meaning to it: If you read between the lines, it has do to with an employee’s lifestyle. It’s saying that if you’re too focused on working at all times then you’re not actually working for the better.

Our lifestyle shapes our social well being, decisions, perceptions physical and mental health, and fashion. Some would actually translate it to be the basis of a good life. In other words, it has got to do with how you manage your life from different aspects. It is what inspires and motivate an individual to live.

The BPO Industry and the Current Lifestyle of Employees

According to a research of National Center for Biotechnology Information, because of a call center agent’s unique job profile, they are found to be confronted by different problems that affects their wellness. This is due to their lifestyle: sleep quality, food habits and addictions, social life and physical and mental health.

lifestyle of employees - convenience foodConvenience food, known as food usually bought in a convenience store are ready to eat snacks or easily cooked noodles. Mostly with monosodium glutamate as a flavor enhancer which linked to causing cancer

Many call center agents have trouble getting the right amount of sleep. As a part of their employee’s lifestyle in the BPO industry: Smoking, drinking coffee and eating processed convenience food became the solution in surviving the graveyard shift.

Social relationships are cut off from families and friends who sleep during the night and call center agents can’t even spend their time during the day.

The shifting schedules put their exercise plan to a jumble and it is worse with working static in their station for long hours. They lack the time to spend for their hobbies or even relaxation moments such as meditation or spa.

This custom has been going on for most BPO companies and the same habit everyday can take its toll on one’s health and on the company’s ability to make money.


The lifestyle of employees should also be given attention by every CEO 

An executive director of the Call Center Association for the Philippines(CCAP) stated that in a lot of employees take no notice nor give any significance about proper diet and exercise. He also clarified that while smoking, drinking, excessive eating was already customary to the BPO sector, the health and lifestyle of its employees has a more significant effect on the way companies produces income. More significantly that BPO companies have adhere to strict performance and productivity metrics because of the tough competition. A little performance issues could mean the loss of valuable accounts to competitors.

BPO companies had began promoting campaigns about health awareness but this unhealthy custom continues.

If people are not fit, productivity goes down and companies are penalized by their clients. What happens is that (BPO) companies don’t get enough revenues,” Uligan said. The lack of exercise and unhealthy diets, made worse by unusual hours and other work-related hazards, may undermine efforts to improve the country’s competitiveness as an outsourcing destination, he add. –

There are hundreds of health campaigns and advertisements. Most of them are targeting people who sacrifices a lot of their time in order to earn money while somehow ignoring the needs of their body, heart and mind.

The Business Process Outsourcing industry is set to be the highest contributor to the economy after 2016, overtaking OFW remittances if the companies behind the industry would reach the P25 Billion mark. In order to achieve this, all possibilities that could increase these sales should be uncovered and used to achieve the goal.

In the end of the day, we are talking about lives of individuals who is a part of the company making the lifestyle of employees not only the responsibility of the latter but also the company as well.

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