Egypt: contender for Outsourcing Destination of the Year

Egypt is a candidate for the category of Outsourcing Destination of the Year by the European Outsourcing Association (EOA) Leadership Summit Awards 2016 which be happening this coming October 2016.

This will be the second time that Egypt has been recognized by the EOA as a potential destination for outsourcing. In 2010, Egypt beat countries such as the Philippines and Cambodia for the title of the best country for outsourcing. It is no surprise that they will be recognized again this year as they have showed growth in the past year.

The country of Egypt is steadily rising in the outsourcing industry in recent years. The contribution of their ICT sector to their GDP rose to 13% in the last two years and makes up 4.1% of the total GDP.

Another notable progress for the country is their increase in employment for the BPO and IT sector with employees reaching to 50,000 FTE. Egypt also has an abundant pool of graduates coming from various Universities. Totaling to up to an estimate of 500,000 graduates a year.

Labor force is not the only one increasing in Egypt. The country is also expanding their business sector with more offices and commercial spaces in their major cities. In 2016 alone, they are expected to have two IT parks one in Alexandria City and another one in Assiut City.

They also boast a low attrition-rate as compared to other European and Asian countries. Their main focus and providing quality service. They are taking multiple steps towards this direction. The country is planning to train 16,000 Egyptian youth as leaders for their ICT sector through the help of several universities and learning institutions.

Egypt has also been recognized by various organizations in the BPO industry for their performance in the BPO industry. In a report made by Gartner identifies the country as a primary destination for sourcing and IT services in EMEA. Forbes ranked Egypt among top 10 countries to launch start-ups. Raconteur ranked it among top 10 emerging countries for outsourcing.

European Outsourcing Association

The EOA is a committee that is held in high regard in the outsourcing industry most especially in Europe. Their annual Leadership Summit Awards recognizes the various organizations as well as countries in different categories all pertaining to the BPO industry. Other nominees include Sri Lanka, Fiji and Belarus.



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