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Deteriorating Customer Experience

According to a study, customer experience has worsened over the last two years despite investments in new engagement channels. The study was conducted by LogMeIn from BoldChat.

It found out that consumers surveyed believe it takes 6 different interactions to resolve an issue. However, as per contact center managers, it only takes 1-2 touchpoints.

The discrepancy can be due to the findings that 72% of consumers who belonged in the survey search for information online before contacting an agent while managers do not track digital behavior. There is an increasing dissatisfaction rate with customer experience especially in Australia and New Zealand (ANZ) that threatens the contact center landscape. It affects customer loyalty, sustainability and revenue growth. 90% of customers in ANZ say that a bad experience with a specific company can lead to them discontinuing doing business with said company. In USA and Europe, 82% and 76% percent of customer share the same sentiments.

Also in ANZ, the study reveals that while 60% of consumers reported using 5+ channels for support, 46% of consumers noted that they believe access to agents has worsened over the last two years with 50% citing frustration with automated response systems. While 67% of participating consumers still believe that phone calls provide the most success for resolution, 77% would choose a channel other than voice if they knew they could get a resolution on the first attempt.

“The disparity between the perception of contact centres and the reality of consumers when it comes to customer experience is worrisome as every interaction is proving to be critical to customer retention…Because customers will stop doing business with a company following a bad experience, it is critical that brands identify friction points in the customer journey and offer their reps the tools and technology to help improve the overall customer experience from pre-purchase through post-purchase support.”

~Ken Landoline, Principal Analyst, Customer Engagement at Ovum 

In 2013, a similar study conducted in the US by Accenture reported that 51% of customers switched companies due to poor service experience. As per Openaccessbpo, this figure is 5% higher than the previous year.

91 percent of the customers surveyed say that their top complaint involves repeating the call for the same issue. 90 percent say that they have been put on hold for such a long time while 89 percent complain about repeating information to several agents or multiple channels.

Customer experience needs some salvation. With this, LogMeIn by BoldChat cited a few ways to increase customer rating. These points translated through the same survey conducted.

Here are a few points on how consumers prefer to engage with brands.

First on the list is the increased adoption of live chat. Many companies have adopted the use of live chat from 35% in 2014 to 43% today. Consumers feel that it is easier and faster to resolve an issue through live chat.

Another suggestion that study cited is the use of smartphone compatible applications and websites. With this, it would also be helpful to provide a mobile number rather than a landline. According to statistics, 56% of consumers call from the smartphone, 83% use mobile applications for customer support and 67% use mobile websites.

Lasty, the study suggests that IoT can be another option. 31% of participating consumers are using/willing to use IoT-connected products if it means better customer service.

 “Today’s always-connected customer expects immediate access to information and fast, efficient and frictionless service…Most contact centers struggle to meet these expectations because they are limited by disjointed, legacy systems.  We see many forward-thinking businesses overcome these challenges by prioritizing investments in solutions that unify their engagement strategies across traditional and digital channels.”

~David Campbell, Vice President, Customer Engagement & Support Solutions, at LogMeIn


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