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Congo Call Center to follow path of Philippines, India

The Congo Call Center located in Democratic Republic of the Congo is showing a lot of potential to be among the top contenders in the BPO industry. They are now mirroring the beginnings of countries that are big in the BPO industry such as the Philippines and India.

Although it is still in it’s early stages, Congo’s first call center is showing the world a peek at what Africans can offer in the outsourcing game. They are catering to multiple companies, aid agencies and churches every day. Roughly around 8,500 are calling in each day with varying concerns.

Congo Call Center Multi-lingual advantage

The call center also caters to callers of different languages. Not only do they tend to calls spoken among Congo’s four national languages of Lingala, Swahili, Tshiluba and Kikongo, they also can speak in English and French.

“In terms of language, we manage well,” co-founder Huguette Samu said at CCC’s new headquarters. “Whether it’s in English or French, clients don’t really notice the accent over the phone,” she told Reuters. “Europeans find that Congolese have a quite acceptable accent.”

The Congo Call Center is the first independent call center in the Democratic Republic of Congo. They are part of the First & Future Enterprises Group. It was founded in 2005 by two women namely Annie Kwangu and Huguette Bakekolo. The company has been on the rise since then. It employs around 350 agents with the hopes of doubling this number in the coming three years.

The growth is quite remarkable and is comparable to how countries like the Philippines and India started. This could be the start of Africa’s rise in the BPO industry since they are currently a much more cheaper alternative compared to some contact centers in Asia.



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