Cloud-based solutions for contact centers

Cloud-based solution for PH contact centers

IP Converge Data Converge Data Services, Inc., an arm of the Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company launches a cloud-based solution for contact centers called the IPC VOICES.

VOICES stand for Voice Over Internet Call Exchange Suite. It is an application that’s subscribed and paid for on a monthly basis and can be up and running in a very short time. It was developed in partnership with Australian-based BlueCloud Technology.

According to IPC, small to medium enterprises will benefit largely from this technology since it does not require a large capital to be utilized. Contact centers can do away with unnecessary equipment and will only need VoIP call minutes, computer with headset and a stable internet connection to operate.

“This will revolutionize the business of contact centers, accelerating growth and helping gain traction in an economy that has already gone digital,” Niño Valmonte, IPC director for product management and marketing said.

IPC Voice also has also unique features that can help with productivity and efficiency in the contact centers. Some of these features are advanced script module, email integration, and many more. A noteworthy design it has is that administrators can make system changes through their mobile devices.

“We consider this an important feature for high-risk countries such as the Philippines. This product provides contact centers a contingency plan in the event of a calamity or a breach in their physical offices,” BlueCloud Co-founder and CEO Antoine Nookadu explained.

IPC Voices is also locally hosted in the Philippines. This means that contact centers located in the country can experience crystal-clear quality calls without the additional costs.

“VOICES is not just your run-of-the-mill call center solution. It doesn’t only address common operational pain points in BPOs but also highlights resiliency, accessibility and adaptability,” said IPC Director for Product Management and Marketing Niño Valmonte. “Being locally hosted in IPC Data Center, users of the application benefit from a globally-compliant, state-of-the-art facility and robust network infrastructure which ensures availability and security for their business operations.”

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