Circuit training for busy professionals

Circuit training: Best for busy professionals

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Circuit training is a series of exercises that focuses on building up muscles in the different parts of the body. Each routine has a set amount of rest after execution and may depend on one’s own pacing. The time and number of exercises also depends basically on one’s preference but for most, it could last for atleast 30 minutes.

This type of exercise is best for busy working professional since it can be customizable according to one’s availability and preference. It is a full body workout that can build up muscles and improve metabolism.

According to, these are the “Universal Lifestyle Constraints of Busy Professionals”:

  1. Lack of available time
  2. Lack of available effort / energy / willpower
  3. Unexpected circumstances (last-minute deadlines, changes in schedule, etc.)
  4. Social pressures (after-work dinner/drinks, group decisions, etc.)

The same reasons are applicable for almost all BPO professionals. More than the reasons mentioned above, BPO workers also deal with much more stress because of the night schedule and added work pressure.

Moreover, sitting down for an 8-hour shift has a greater possibility to accumulate weight especially in the hip and stomach area because of immobility. With this, circuit training can be the best solution. It can be done before or after shift; at home or at the gym; with or without gym equipment. Perfect for busy individuals who wants to cut down some unwanted weight. The whole routine is also composed of different exercises that one can mix up to lessen the possibility of overuse injury common especially to beginners.

But starting a workout routine really involves a lot of planning especially for working individuals. For this, here are some tips that can get anyone to circuit training the fastest:

  1. Invest on your workout

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Investing on workout clothes, sports bag, and training shoes can get you working out as soon as you can because more than the fact that you’re excited to sweat it out is the fact that you get to use brand new things that you have picked out yourself. Choose your favorite color or the one item that you’ve been waiting on sale for.

  1. Start small and set realistic goals

Unlike the popular saying “Go big or go home”, going big in a workout routine can cause injury. It’s important to consider your limits and just do it right. Setting realistic goals would also avoid frustrations on your part and improve the chance of you keeping the workout routine for a longer time.

  1. Team it up with a healthy diet

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Working out is only effective with a healthy controlled diet. More than just a workout routine, lifestyle is also a big factor to reach that dream shape.

  1. Document yourself to compare results

Vanity has its perks. Taking pictures of yourself week by week can keep you interested in maintaining the routine to further improve how well you look on that selfie.

  1. Mix it up

It’s not hard to mix it up with circuit training. Keep it fun and enjoyable by alternating exercises or doing it with a few friends. Fun is an important consideration to make you forget that you’re actually doing something strenuous or difficult.

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