Most Relaxing Exercise You Can Do While At Work

Chair Yoga allows you to workout and stretch your weary muscles while comfortably sitting on your chair. As the corporate sector in India have already found out the many benefits of incorporating yoga in the workplace, callcenter agents from all over the world should also know the basic positions they can do in chair yoga.

Office works such as call center work requires people to sit in front of their computers at an extended time. According to Dr. James Levine, co-director of the Mayo Clinic and the Arizona State University Obesity Initiative, our bodies are designed to be active and on the move all day long. Sitting too long can cause organ damages, digestion problems, muscle degeneration and posture problems.

Proper sitting position and breathing are very important to upkeep a healthy lifestyle. Even though at work, we still need to relax our muscles and decrease our feeling of stress, generally, still achieve a happy, and healthy you.

In this episode of Outbounderstv, Miss Nenet Naranjo from Barefoot Studio Iloilo teaches us some of chair yoga’s basic positions that is applicable to all callcenter agents who spend too much time sitting down. Follow each pose in the course of the video and elax those stressed and tight muscles. This video is also to join the annual celebration of International Yoga Day every 21st of June.

Nenet Naranjo
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Nenet Naranjo Certified Yoga teacher, AV 108 Yoga School. Barefoot Studio Yoga and Cafe 26 C Luna St. La Paz, Iloilo City Yoga @ Vibe Dance studio 3/F Perpetual Succor Bldg., Jalandoni St., City proper

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