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The Poker Tower: A Team Building Game

The Poker Tower is an indoor team building game that will stimulate team’s creativity,cooperation and bond, as the team tries to figure out how to build the tower using the poker card only. The...

Team Building Game: Scavenger Hunt

This week’s team building game is literally a breathtaking one. Scavenger Hunt is a game in which the players  seek to gather or complete the items indicated on the list in random order. Players should...

Team Building Game: Penny For Your Thoughts

This month of October, Outbounders TV will give you different team building game ideas. Playing a team building game is a beneficial way to break the seriousness from work through fun and engaging activities. These activities...

Answering The Call Of Love

  When you hear the word “call center” what comes to your mind is hectic schedule, graveyard shift, an air of business like environment and many more. In spite of this, love always finds...

A Mother’s Love

Everyday is a story of love. This month, Outbounderstv features the different forms of love that exists in a call center industry. A story of struggle, the loss of innocence and the enduring love...

Live Healthy

Living a healthy lifestyle isn’t as boring as it sounds. With the right combination of ingredients, food can be colorful and tasty without compromising one’s health. We should always remember that good nutrition means good...

Easy Green Apple Juice Recipe

Are you looking for something refreshingly healthy to quench your thirst? Search no more because today, we’re going to give you an easy to prepare and easy to make juice recipe that will surely...

Healthy Mixed Veggies

Make your way of living a healthy one. Food takes a big part of our day because it gives us the nutrients that our body needs for us to be able to do our...


As part of OBTV’s campaign for maintaining a fit and healthy lifestyle to all BPO professionals, here is an easy to do zumba video for you. For Outbounders in Cebu, team up and put...

Green Tea: Healthy Coffee Alternative

Did you know that green tea is the best coffee alternative? Coffee might be the most popular choice yet green tea is the healthier alternative. With the same benefits, you can enjoy a healthier...

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