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Outbounders.com Cebu Year End Party

This year’s hardwork and prosperity cap off genially during outbounders.com year end party with the theme: Extraordinaire and the Night of the Great Gatsby. Everyone was in their dazzling,glaring, brilliant look. Together with the...

Outbounders.com Gift Giving: Pedia Ward

Outbounders.com is more than thankful for all the generosity you’ve shared for the past two episodes of gift giving activity. Through the help of Dr. Victoria P. Padilla and R & L aircon repair-shop,...

Outbounders.com Christmas Special

We are once again celebrating this special season of the year. A season of joy, peace and love. Together with Outbounders.com family, let us all make this Christmas a merrier one. Special thanks to...


OB CEBU x ILOILO joins the hottest craze in social media with the #MannequinChallenge. Liked it? Hit that subscribe button to get updated with our latest videos. December is jam-packed with holiday themes videos...

OBTV Halloween Special Presents: Doppelganger

Have you ever seen a doppelganger, felt something strange and heard something unusual? It’s OBTV’s Halloween special! We will show you horrific experiences from call center professionals. A re-enactment based on a true story. It is very...

Team Building Game: The Mine Field

Trust and communication are the important elements in “The Mine Field” game. The goal of the game is for the teams to cross the other side of the field without stepping on a “mine”. This...

We have observed over the years of operating our own call center in the Philippines that many of our successful clients wanted to be very hands-on in managing their campaigns.Know more about our company and visit www.outbounders.com

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