A call to fight diabetes

In an article by, it says that the cases of diabetes increased to 7.2 percent which means that almost 7 million Filipinos have the disease. The Philippines is slowly going to rise as...

Napping hacks

Sleep has once been a very vague and far-fetched thought for some people – college students, examinees, workaholic professionals but most especially, call center agents. But did you know that sleep isn’t just for...

The bigger threat of caffeine

For every call center agent, drinking coffee and other caffeinated drinks are part of the daily routine. Caffeine is the best solution to any agents’ need to stay awake during the entire graveyard shift....

BPO Health Concern: Shifting Schedules

Why shifting schedules should be a concern by BPO employees? Human beings should be awake and working during the day then sleep after the sun sets. That is a belief that exists in the...

Effects of too much computer usage

  Extended use of the computer is a necessity for all those workers whose jobs are related to Outbound Telemarketing, Business Process Outsourcing and Administrative Occupation. As we establish that fact, using the computer should be a...

Healthcare: One Call Away

A doctor’s visit is not most people’s favorite errand but an inevitable one. Leaving home or work can be both time-consuming and stressful especially when you’re so sick that you can’t even wear proper...

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