Taking care of your voice

Do you often find your voice cracking at the end of a long shift? Have you ever been in a situation where you were forcing your voice out just to reach the end of...

Achieving mental fitness

Being physically fit is everyone’s goal. This can be attained through healthy lifestyle like having regular exercise, eating nutritious foods, etc. But everyone should also remember that mental fitness is as important as physical...

Vaping e-cigarettes vs Smoking

In recent years, vaping e-cigarettes has taken the world by storm and is now a popular alternative for smoking. Millions have already made the switch. This is most especially true for call center agents...

Hobbies for Call Center Agents

Call Center Environment Why are hobbies not famous in the call center industry? When working in a call center there is a well-known impression that customer service agents are undersupplied of one resource: time....

Running for a happier life

Running is an exercise that develops the cardiovascular system to improve blood circulation and breathing. Paired with a healthy diet, it’s probably the best way to keep the body healthy. However, with the age...

Yoga poses for desk job employees

For some, sitting down can be the most relaxing and comfortable position while working. With a perfect sitting position and proper posture, it can’t harm the body but doing it excessively just might. Our...

Would you work in a call center?

Philippines is now the call center capital of the world. Along with the growth of BPO companies especially call center companies in the country, employment rate also increased. Also, there is now an increasing...

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