BPO Agents Square Meals

Nourishment in fact is the most key and repeating need of people. Individuals strive to win their living, just so that they or their family ought to never go hungry. Be that as it...

5 call center movies that you should watch

It’s been proven that watching a good movie can help you unwind and relax during your down time. Don’t know know what to watch? Here are some call center movies that you could relate...

Drug abuse in call centers

Drug abuse is one of the biggest problems any nation could face. With a growing industry of night shift workers, drug abuse has been a serious problem. In the Philippines, reports about illegal drug trade...

BPO Employees: How To Protect Wrist?

BPO work requires desk jobs that working on a computer all day long is necessary, for forty hours each week. This much repetition and overuse can cause wrist issues. Even those who use a...

“HIV Awareness for BPO Employees”

The topic about HIV in the Philippines is no laughing matter. Actually, it is a very serious matter especially when the number of HIV cases in the call center industry is on the rise...

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