Summer Activities for BPO Employees

All year-round BPO employees are not excused from having a hectic schedule at work. From call center agents to executives, each unit has its fair share in stresses at work that is why everyone...

Fun Games to Motivate Call Center Agents

Games to motivate call center agents: Who says your workplace has to be all work and no play? Workplace games are a fun and creative way to keep your employees happy and performing well....

Halloween celebrations around the world

Halloween celebrations around the world just recently ended. For some countries it’s not just about putting a costume and asking for candy. In countries like the US, Halloween is trick or treating and costumes....

Mental Health in the BPO workplace

World Mental Health Day was just recently celebrated. It raised awareness of the mental health issues people experience in everyday life. It’s a silent battle that’s been here for quite some time. Ranging from...

Adulting 101: How to manage a budget

Let’s face it, adulting is hard especially in 2016. It seems like no matter how much we earn, money seems to slip by our hands. We all want to have good things but it seems...

How to choose the best exercise for you

At every stage in our lives, we always need to exercise. As we grow older our body changes and the kind of exercise we need also varies. Sometimes jogging once a week doesn’t cut...

Tea time: What’s the best tea for you?

Tea has been with us for thousands of years. It’s the secret to a long and healthy life. According to WebMD, studies show this has been proven to help with different diseases such as...

Food that will keep you awake at night

There are times that even if we’ve slept a full eight hours, we seem to still be sleepy. Sometimes, a little snack can help you stay awake during those long hours in the office....

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