BPO Industry: Philippine’s Sunshine Industry

  BPO Industry: Pioneering Years In 1992, Franz Holz from the Accenture Group marked the first landing of business outsourcing here in the Philippines. Almost a quarter of a decade later, the BPO industry...

Healthcare: One Call Away

A doctor’s visit is not most people’s favorite errand but an inevitable one. Leaving home or work can be both time-consuming and stressful especially when you’re so sick that you can’t even wear proper...

Employees vs Customers

Which people are more valuable – good employees or good customers? That is the question asked in an article of with a heading: Great Employees Makes a Good Business. We might place our bets with...

What is BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) ?

The BPO Industry: BPO, which stands for Business Process Outsourcing is a system of delegating different business-related operations of your company to a third party organization that offers services such as human resources, payroll...

Marketing Recipe: Outbound and Inbound

A Combination of Two Marketing Strategies: Outbound your Inbound Marketing AG Saleswork is a provider of high quality and fully qualified sales leads to technology companies. According to its co-founder, COO and President, Peter...

Advantages of Outsourcing

Why Consider Outsourcing? What is outsourcing and why is it significant? Individuals who are running a company know one fact: It takes a lot of time, effort and money. A person cannot handle an...

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