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Tips How To Handle Irate Customers

How To Handle Irate Customers? Facing off with a screaming, unreasonable, irrational customer represents the ultimate test of any employee’s service skills. It can take you to your breaking point if you’re not careful....

How The Best Outbound Call Center Works

How the best outbound call center works? An outbound call center is one in which the call center agents make outgoing calls to people. These outbound calls can be made for many reasons. Some...

Tips On How To Be The Best Call Center Agent

“The best call center agent is the person who can handle incoming or outgoing customer calls for a business. A call center agent might handle account inquiries, customer complaints or support issues.” Knowledge Retention...

Short Horror Stories Of Call Center Employees

This is a compilation of terrifying short stories from Buzzfeed community of people working in call center. Some of the anecdote shared here are intense, funny and slightly scary that are not necessarily horror....

Laughter Still The Best Medicine?

I remember a psychology class I took in college where the professor used a lot of humor in his lectures. One day he said something that made all of us laugh. I don’t know...

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